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Realms Plus: July

A new batch of content straight from the Minecraft Marketplace!

July is here in full swing, and what better way to enjoy it than to hide from that pesky old sun, close the curtains, and dive straight into a brand new Realms Plus bundle? I can’t think of anything else, but then again, I'm basically a Phantom: always hiding from the sun and diving straight into things while screaming at my co-workers.

You could instead ask me: "Oh boy, what kind of content is included in this month’s Realms Plus offer, Per?" Why, that is an excellent question, dear reader! This month, we’re adding six new pieces, featuring magnificent mash-up packs, medieval skins, and block-tastic minigames!

Curious to learn more about Realms Plus, Minecraft’s monthly subscription service? Check out our Realms Plus site for more information. Now, on to July’s content.

Luxury Life by Pixel Heads

I love my dirt block house. Sure, it’s a bit simplistic, lacking both glass panes (sand is too expensive) and a fancy diorite floor (too bothersome to mine). But I’m a man of simple tastes, and at least it has a door, consisting of two dirt blocks I remove whenever I have to get out of the house. Sometimes, however, I like to try the jet set life, like living in a real home, or drive around a golf cart. Luckily for me, there’s a map for that.

“Luxury Life” by Pixel Heads, lets you role-play as a billionaire, allowing you to cruise the streets in over ten different types of vehicles. You can also explore luxurious mansions and decorate them with all sorts of different furniture. Amazing! I mean, n-not that there's anything wrong with my dirt house…

Pets by Team Vaeron

Have you always wanted your own pet, but never had one? Yeah, me too, but finding one that is both versed in classic literature and able to write articles has proven to be a challenge!

In Team Vaeron’s “Pets”, you pick your own pet BFF, choosing between a whopping 14 different animals – including dogs, snakes, and hamsters. Visit the pet shop or the animal shelter to make your choice, then take your new-found friends on a walk – either through the bustling city or the picturesque farm.

Royal Knights by Dragnoz

“My kingdom for a horse!” yelled King Richard III in William Shakespeare’s play with the same name. I have neither seen it, nor do I have a kingdom to bargain with. But, I do know that if I had one, I’d trade it for Dragnoz’ “Royal Knights” instead.

Royal Knights comes with 14 chivalrous skins, featuring both knights and royalty with stunning detail. According to Dragnoz, they came together to fight the darkness and forge a kingdom of light. Maybe so they could trade it for that horse?

Fantasy Skins HD by Aurrora

Summer activities are fun and all, but nothing beats a classic fantasy roleplay. Trust me, I know – they don’t call me Per “Paladin” Landin for nothing! Aurrora’s “Fantasy Skins HD” contains 14 skins that are perfect for the occasion.

Team up with your friends and create an epic adventure, starting with the right outfits, all in HD. Cool off as an ice mage, defend your castle as a noble knight, or mine for jewels as a treasure-hoarding dwarf.

Oh No I’m Scary: Monsters by Lebleb

People say I look like a monster whenever they see my unkempt early-morning hair. While that solves my Halloween costume problems for the year, they probably haven’t seen a truly scary monster, like the skins available in Lebleb’s “Oh No I’m Scary: Monsters”. 

Featuring a rag-tag group of six suspicious characters, including a clown, a shark, and Skelly the skeleton, these skins will give anyone a proper jumpscare during late night mining. They don’t mean to be scary, it’s just in their nature – just like me and my wild hairstyle.

Lucky Block Hunt by BBB Studios

As a Minecraft player, you probably think you’re somewhat of an expert with blocks. As someone with a bachelor’s degree in Blockology at Creeperton University, I thought so too – until I played “Lucky Block Hunt” by BBB Studos. This minigame really puts your skills to the test. Your goal is to collect as many lucky blocks as possible in 20 minutes, using all your cunning, and a bit of luck.

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