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New on Java Realms: Career Choices

Try out what gig suits you best with our 9 new maps!

Unless your local corner store is staffed by an actual villager that will trade you precious gemstones for stuff you can find in the produce aisle, work is something most of us have to do. While staring into your box of leftovers during your all-too-short lunch break, you may start reconsidering what other career paths are out there for you, and if it’s time for something new (and if the food you made was good enough, wouldn’t you have eaten all of it yesterday?). You shouldn’t blindly rush headlong into an unsure bet, but luckily our mapmakers have developed the technology for you to try out a selection of different occupations, all from the safety of your own Java Realm! Check out these maps and find out what you were always meant to do! 




Corporate jobs are tough. Especially when the tether of reality is unshackled, and you are forced to question your very existence. Do you take the red pill or the blue pill? Yes, your boss lets it slip that the nonspecific ‘data’ stored in the servers was all fake and that the real MacGuffin is hidden... Beyond the (world) Border! This is a realm no mortal can cross into, so here comes a baseline tip for any hierarchically subjected worker with a challenging task ahead: just delegate! Program your robots with commands to make it through the labyrinthian world to uncover the object of desire and see what twists and turns the plot takes! 



by Fasading 

Aight, stop me if this is a work situation you’ve been in before: you’ve finally found the temple of the totem, but upon completing your quest you’re cornered by a gang of brutes and promptly captured. After a chin-wag with your co-prisoner Berakko (who informatively tells you ‘fear not, I am not an ordinary sheep!’ after raising up on his hind legs and speaking the Queen’s English), he tells you to contact his nearby vacationing sheep crew. The perfect situation for a career change appears as you use Berakko’s fur to impersonate him. However, it turns out that his brag about his work being indispensable to the crew was true and that there is a fate worse than being someone’s à-la-carte serving: being a passer-up for the most entitled flock of sheep to ever set hoof on an ocean liner! If you ever felt bad for killing a sheep in Survival, you will feel entirely justified after completing all the diva-esque requests of the passengers in this adventure!



by The Brickmasons Team 

Climbing the corporate ladder is tough. Making loops, barrel rolls and dodges is just an everyday occurrence for those in a sharp-elbowed climate where everyone is aiming for the top. Why not learn the basics of career advancement through the corresponding aerial maneuvers in Dog Fight? Duke it out with your friends as if your paycheck is on the line, and don't forget to bring up your new aerobatic expertise in your next development talk with your manager. You don't even need to mention it's in Minecraft. 





by Avoma 


by ArcadiaLabs


by Squa-reds 


by Supersette & friends 


by Orion Build Collective 


by Faish, Riren, WithPleasure



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Happy Minecrafting! 

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