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Meet Mob D

The Hovering Inferno

During this Saturday's livestream of MINECON Earth (which you can watch right here on this site) you'll get the chance to vote for a new mob to be added to Minecraft! There are four potential mobs but only one winner will be added to the game, so make sure you watch MINECON Earth live this Saturday and vote!

Yesterday, Jens talked about Mob C – The Great Hunger. Today it's the turn of Mob D – The Hovering Inferno. Watch the video above to hear Jens wax lyrical about this flaming beauty and why it deserves your vote! Or you can read his words in the official snazzy quote box:

This is a master Blaze, with body parts, [that] look like shields, used to defend itself. The Hovering Inferno spawns with a group of blazes as a random encounter in the Nether. It has a shockwave attack that is very dangerous and you will definitely need some flame protection to defeat this mob. You should vote for Mob D, because it would make the Nether even more scary and exciting. Jens Bergensten

Because if there's one thing I didn't need the Nether to be, it's even scarier. But then again, I'm an overpaid coward who should be ignored whenever possible. So if you're made of sterner stuff and want to see Mob D – The Hovering Inferno added to Minecraft, then watch the MINECON Earth livestream this Saturday for your chance to vote!

For everything you need to know about MINECON Earth, including the all important time the stream is broadcasting in your region, head to the official MINECON page. Remember, only one mob can win, so make sure it's yours!

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