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Join us as we play End Reimagined by Honeyfrost – a map that reimagines The End as EVEN MORE HOSTILE! Yay!

Let's Play: End Reimagined

Will this new take on The End be less hostile? Er…

Here at Mojang Studios, we love seeing players, builders, and creators trying something new. That is, until they do something new like ‘make The End even more hostile and terrifying’. Then we want to collectively hide under the bed and whimper until you apologise and make a nice, fluffy version of The End made of rainbows, hugs, and free ice cream.

But Marketplace Map End Reimagined by Honeyfrost was eventually too enticing a proposition even for cowards like us to avoid forever. So we decided to be brave and give it a go. After all, this is part of our universally-beloved series Marketplace Mondays, where we take a deep dive into a Marketplace map on a Monday of every month. If we were to miss even just one of those, can you imagine the worldwide riots? Exactly, it doesn’t bear thinking about - so onwards, to The End!

Curiously enough, the map doesn’t start in The End. But don’t go demanding a refund/bursting into tears just yet, because you’re actually just a few feet from an End Portal. Plenty of Minecraft players never visit The End (guess they must enjoy not being killed by a dragon or something? Weird), so it’s a nice touch that you actually have to activate the portal to enter the map properly.

Jump in and suddenly you’re going on a fantastical journey through the opening titles of Doctor Wh- er, we mean, into the redesigned End!


Now THIS is more like it. They haven’t just thrown a bit of red paint around and done the hoovering. They’ve FULLY redesigned The End! 

Everywhere you look, there’s something new. Forests! Mobs! Creatures that looked a bit like forests and mobs! 


This could have been overwhelming, were it not for a friendly villager standing near the portal, ready to greet you and explain what's what. 

Fair play to any villager willing to take a chance on living in The End!


Polite as this ‘Farlander’ is, you’ll likely prefer wandering off an exploring to heeding whatever boring safety tips they have to share. Come on, how bad can it be? Yes, sure, The End doesn’t have the best reputation or ratings on Tripadvisor, but surely a little walk around the opening area can’t hurt?

One little walk later, we were face to face with THE ENDER DRAGON WHAT OH NO WHAT.


Yeah, so turns out, the Ender Dragon likes to hang out just a few feet from the entrance to this map. Which is, y’know, rude.

Anyway, we decided to explore somewhere else for a while. Pick a different direction and bravely sprint away from the totally not scary dragon. O-onwards to a-adventure!


Exploring this bold new interpretation of The End is a real feast for the eyes! It’s also lethal. Seriously, our original article was just 234 screenshots of the ‘You Died’ screen.

There’s a lot of dangerous platforming to get from one part of the map to another without sinking into the endless abyss below. But the biggest threats are the hostile mobs that are everywhere.

Want to meet some of them? Seriously? OK, your funeral…


Look, it’s not that we couldn’t defeat these hostile horrors. This map is full of excellent original weapons to help you with that grisly task. But we decided that the fine (and dare I say handsome readers) of this website would be far more interested in a coward’s perspective. Which is the only reason we ran away. Screaming. And ugly crying. Good, glad we cleared that up.

If you’re stealthy and swift enough, you can find all sorts of helpful toys that’ll help you with the inevitable showdowns when these mobs hunt you down. You especially want to look out for these:


We managed to scavenge some truly ferocious weapons from these creepy chests. An Enchanted Void Blade that was super powerful and more importantly hot pink. An Enchanted Obsidian Blade that took a little longer to use but had a MASSIVE crushing attack. By the time we were fully kitted out, we almost felt sorry for the Ender Dragon…

And we’ve still only scratched the surface. End Reimagined is massive and full of mysteries to unpack. What lies in its temples? Why does so much of it want to hurt us? Why can’t the Ender Dragon and poor innocent article writers just get along? You can try and answer some of these deep philosophical queries yourself by trying End Reimagined by Honeyfrost in the Minecraft Marketplace

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna hop in the exit! Um, where was that again?

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