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Day 2 of 15 Days of Minecraft, featuring a community made mega map in Java Realms

Java Multiplayer Madness

DAY 2: Play a mega map for Java Realms’ birthday!

Greetings, fellow fans of all things blocky. I'm Linn, reporting live from day 2 of our 15-year anniversary! I don't know why I'm sounding like a news reporter, but I guess we'll roll with it! Today we're not only covering Minecraft's birthday – but another one as well! Java Realms, our private server subscription, is turning 10. To mark the occasion, we head into the previously untouched land of a mega map full of multiplayer shenanigans available for free for all Java Realms subscribers. Roll the tape!


Our blocky world woke up to an unhinged Hurrah from our Realms community as Java Realms turned double digits. In classic Java Realms fashion, 100+ map makers have come together to create a vast map for you and your friends! We've sent out our own Java Realms expert Oskar Thysell to report straight from its blocky shores. Over to you Oskar. 


Thanks Linn! It's an honor to report from the scene of this celebration. As a self-proclaimed mapmaker aficionado, this milestone activated a fire charge on my heart item. The mapmaker program started in tandem with Realms, where any creator with the skills to make builds can share their creativity through Minecraft to all our players’ delight. To celebrate turning 10, I simply started up a humble Java Realms world and invited all these talented mapmakers to build whatever they wanted to. Little did I know that every map-related dream I’ve ever had would come true! Cancel my 2’ clock, all my o’ clocks – I might need 10 years just to play through the whole map!

Let’s head to the heart of the action to get an on-the-ground perspective.

Nether Ninjas Resort

There are roughly about a kazillion (to be precise) structures and a limitless amount of wow in this map, so I'll do my best to help you navigate through it. To not get burnt out from all the fun, how about we stretch a little, get some R&R in before exploring? There's no better stop for this than the Nether Ninjas Resort! Grab a slice at Pizza Time, then follow the rightward path and you’ll be here and ready to relax! Join Robeens, 5hax and Neylz, the creators of this resort, in a round of functional beach volley... block!  

Plagiatus’ lighthouse

It's quite the sight, seeing so many builds in one map. To take it all in, I'd suggest you visit Plagiatus' Lighthouse! The man has been a certified pillar of the mapmaking community for years, and now he is taking that very literally! Climb to the top and there’s an elytra course that will take you on a fast-paced glide through the builds. Try not to get too awestruck as that might become literal as well! 

Novo Àrd

Another must-visit destination is the island city Novo Àrd, as its architectural feats and massive scale will leave anyone speechless – yours truly included! Thankfully, Quillmark left me with a few words about their build here!

“Welcome to Novo Àrd, a city that embodies the grace of Victorian inspired architecture and the intrigue of hidden mysteries. Its verticality, with towering structures reaching for the heavens, offers a unique perspective that few cities can match. Beyond its elegant facades lie untold secrets waiting to be uncovered. Novo Àrd invites you to explore its depths and heights, promising an unforgettable experience for the curious soul.”


We also asked the mapmakers themselves which, out of all the sought-after destinations, to not miss out on visiting. This is what they said.

The Party Forest

You didn't think we'd get all these people together and not throw a party, did you? The royals have opened the doors to their chateau for the celebration, and you’re invited! Hop across the river on one of the ziplines and explore the rooms within. Once you’re done, it’s time for some dessert! Walk down the path to Cake.Co to have – you guessed it – some cake! And while you're at it, discover your green thumb at The Party Garden, the one stop shop for all your garden needs! 

The Mundi Bunker

While this map might be new, it's somehow still teeming with ancient myths. Rumor has it that, inside of this bunker, scientists would test out new features added to Minecraft. The last one they tested was Item Displays, but it was so powerful they had to abandon the project and leave the bunker as is! Inside, a powerful machine by TheWorfer27 allegedly gives you the power to manipulate item displays in all kinds of ways.  

To our community with Love 

Unfortunately, our strict do-not-mess-with-ancient-myths policy prevents me from revealing any more, but that doesn’t mean an end to my yapping reporting, as I have one final thing to say. This map truly is a testament to the creative spirit, strength, and passion of our Java mapmaking community. I'd like to thank all the builders who came together to work on this together and Verart for hosting the map server. Perhaps not very journalistic of me, but reporters tear up too, okay!

Having worked with this program for six years now, I am so happy to play a part in this and can't wait for all you readers to play too! Join Java Realms and start exploring the many builds in the 10 Year Community Map, and report back your findings. Back to you, Linn. 

Today's free Character Creator item 

Thanks Oskar. In other news, it is time to put your thinking crafting cap on as you can now swipe this dashing headpiece for free! Just like the crafting table it was inspired by, this Character Creator item has reportedly helped craft a multitude of great outfits already. Head to the Dressing Room after 10am PST/7pm CET today to add the Crafting Cap to your wardrobe.

And that’s that for day 2 of 15 days of Minecraft! Get your hat on and then we shall see you somewhere in the Java Realms map. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see what surprises we have in store then. This is, thanks for reading. Over and out. 

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