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Find the free Aquatic Quest map!

But hurry! You don't have much time to hunt it down!

Have you tried Minecraft's in-game servers yet? They're an ace way to play with others, make new friends and try fun mini-games that I never seem to win :(

But we're not here to talk about how rubbish I am at mini-games. Maybe that’ll be tomorrow's article. Today, we're talking about a great new reason to explore Minecraft's in-game servers – the Aquatic Quest map! Feast your eyes on the trailer below:

It's a little slice of parkour paradise and a great way to try some of the new Update Aquatic features! Want to try it? Then you'd better be quick! It's only available until the end of June.

To access the Aquatic Quest map, you'll have to search our servers for the hidden treasure chest. You only need to find it once in either Mineplex, Lifeboat Network, InPvP or (soon!) Cubecraft Games. But what’s the exact location of the treasure chest in each of these servers? Glad you asked! It’s [SENTENCE REDACTED SO WE CAN SHOUT AT TOM AND EXPLAIN TO HIM HOW A TREASURE HUNT WORKS].

Since releasing Phase One of the Update Aquatic, you've all already placed so many of the new coral blocks underwater that it's helped us help the oceans.

Player of Minecraft Java? The full Update Aquatic is coming very soon – but in the mean time, have you tried the pre-release that's stuffed to the gills with great aquatic features?

Why are you still reading this? Start searching those servers! Happy hunting and enjoy the map!


Requires Minecraft Marketplace, available in-game on any version of Minecraft without "Edition" in the title. Also requires broadband and free Xbox Live account, ISP fees may apply.

Tom Stone
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