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A Minecraft Legends hero character bravely swinging their sword at a piglin runt

New Lost Legend and the day 30 patch

Break the Unbreakable in this month’s free challenge for Minecraft Legends

Have you already defeated the Unbreakable in Minecraft Legends? Don't be too quick to brag, because this month’s Lost Legend brings a challenge that will make that boss battle feel like a measly outpost!

In May’s free challenge for Minecraft Legends, The Breakout, you have 60 minutes to take on this piggish foe and rid the Overworld of their foul corruption. What’s the catch? In order to gather allies, you must first rescue them from nine different bases, and the clock starts ticking as soon as you spawn.  

You start out with only plank and cobblestone golems by your side, and each piglin base holds a different type of unit. You can attack the Unbreakable in their base at any time, but make sure you have the power to win! Gathering allies is important, but so is watching the timer. It’s a fine balance to strike, but that’s why you’re the hero of the Overworld! You’ve got this.

In case you’re familiar with Lost Legends, you might be wondering about your reward. If you beat this month’s challenge, you’ll receive the exclusive Prison Break big beak skin. So if you want to glide in style, get ready to take on the Unbreakable, and keep an eye on that timer!

The day 30 patch

A new patch for Minecraft Legends is also out, so make sure you’re running the latest version to enjoy all the improvements! We’ve made many adjustments, including changes to the post-game flow, joining matches in PvP, and cosmetics entitlements. Lost Legends: The Portal Pile has also been patched, so make sure you update it separately using the in-game menu. For a full rundown of the changes, check out the official patch notes!

And that concludes our Minecraft Legends updates... for now. With the Unbreakable unleashed, the Overworld needs you more than ever, so grab your trusty steed and dive into this month’s new content! 

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