New on Java Realms: Holiday Special

Celebrate a wonderful new holiday with TEN maps!

Happy Java Realms Day! It’s that time of year where we celebrate and give thanks for new content on Java Realms, and this has definitely been a holiday that we’ve celebrated each and every year. Haven’t you heard? While skeptical types might point out that we can celebrate the release of new Java Realms maps roughly once or twice a month already, we’ve declared that this day is special, and will celebrate in the traditional manner. Oskar and Marc will now instruct you as to the proper procedures to follow on this most beloved of holidays. HAPPY JAVA REALMS DAY ONE AND ALL.

Unfair Trees


Marc: As is traditional for Java Realms Day, we start with the trees. Other holidays might have you bring a single, green tree indoors and decorate it, but these trees are decidedly different. First, they’re purple, and second, they’re unfair. This map is a Minecrafty take on games that require skill and memorization to navigate a world that wants you to fail.

While most things we publish here are designed to be relatively straightforward and easy to comprehend, it seems that the creator of this one is intentionally deceiving you! Show them what’s what by making your way through the unfair trees unbothered and unscathed.

A Hole New World

by Mithey, PopularMMOs and Littletessy

Oskar: One could describe this map as a Java Realms Day interpretation of the “A Hole New World” book by PopularMMOs. They would be twisting the truth a little to adhere to a theme for a blog, but I wouldn’t hold that against them. Follow all your favorite characters such as Evil Jen, Jen, Pat, Bomby and many more on a vast RPG adventure with 4 different classes in a huge world, with a storyline that is sure to shock anyone who hasn't read the titular book!

Note Block Studio  

by MelonBP

Marc: No celebration would be complete without a song, so Note Block Studio is your opportunity to compose a new favorite or revive an old classic. Minecraft players are already familiar with putting down blocks, but in this map, hitting play afterwards will play the note that corresponds with where you dropped the block. Think of it like a giant piano, except that piano is stadium-sized and extends off into the distance. If you recreate a song from Minecraft in Minecraft, your impressively meta musical knowledge can score extra holiday points with your friends. Fact!

Realms Collection  

by Vertex Creations and the Realms mapmaker community

Oskar: This here is a special one, as our mapmakers have come together to craft a loving dedication to themselves (or more specifically, their maps). And really, what says 'Happy Java Realms Day' like a jolly visit from the Ghost of Java Realms-Past (IP registration pending) itself? Does it's heart-piercing shrieks not make you weep with joy, Marc?

Whack 'Em Smack 'Em Islands

by The Yeggs Team and Flytre

Marc: I weep, Oskar, but not with joy, for the next activity usually involves gathering your closest friends and knocking them into the void (all in the name of the holiday spirit). In Whack ‘Em Smack ‘Em Islands, only the swiftest and strongest will survive, as players run around one of several sky islands, jumping over obstacles, rushing up and down ladders, and generally avoiding being bopped in the noggin by their closest pals.

Point Runner - Remastered  

by Xisuma, Vilder50 and pollieboy

Oskar: Imagine, an alternate universe so different from ours it befuddles the rational mind. Water is dry. Java Realms Day isn’t a globally celebrated holiday beloved by all. You mine with your feet? If the last concept sounds enticing to you, buy a one-way dimensional ticket to the remastered Point Runner! Run on top of ores to collect them, but tread carefully, as every block you step on disappears shortly afterwards!


by HypixelDoge, ImADiamondPotato and vaughaan

Marc: In Cracked, players start in a world torn apart by earthquakes. Deep cracks in the landscape crisscross the land under an outpost, town, and nearby ruins. You can choose to explore into the blazing depths, or perhaps heal and repair the land, just like how Java Realms Day is the perfect time of year to come together and heal the deep cracks in our own lives.

Pixel Party 2  

by DutchCommanderMC and Team Blocksanity

Oskar: Let's continue our celebrations with a Pixel Party! ...2! Yes, those festive miniature dots have gotten together to throw another jolly collection of minigames! Amusingly enough, the theme for this one is the as-of-this-post obsolete holidays of yesterday, with games such as Present Hunt and Santa's Standoff where you open something called 'gifts' (and then attack each other in the latter). Seems reasonable to me!

Ranger’s Trail  


Marc: Next, we make a pilgrimage down to the famed Ranger’s Trail. At the end of the dusty trail, you’ll find an old desert town filled with homes and shops. Wander the streets solo and contemplate what Java Realms Day means to you (nothing? Blasphemy!). Or, grab a friend and try a boat race along the outside of the town; it’ll be sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

Summit Peak  

by Celisio, b3nj1 and zun

Entering Hibernation Mode

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this thorough explanation of/not become sick of hearing about our favorite annual holiday, Java Realms Day. We’ve been enjoying it for centuries, and if you’re a first-timer, welcome! This will be our last release of the year, as observance of the day extends into the latter weeks of December and beginning of January, but we’ll be back in 2020 with new and exciting things to play!

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From the Minecraft Content Team to you, happy Minecrafting!

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