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Minecraft Live: Vote For the Next Mob

Join the livestream to cast your vote!

Do you remember what happened the last time we asked you to vote for a new mob? I do. Mainly because I haven’t slept since the Phantom started swooping around in Minecraft. Apparently my insomnia is not a company-wide concern because we’re going to go ahead and let you do it again. Woohoo. 

Minecraft Live is just around the corner so it is high time to get all of your chickens in a row and decide which mob you want to vote for during our epic livestream. The voting will happen during the livestream at twitter.com/minecraft on October 3rd, so make sure you follow us if you want to make your voice heard! Before you get too excited, Jens and Agnes have already shot down the many, many suggestions of adding me to the game. It shouldn’t matter if all of them were sent at the same time in the same impeccable handwriting, the people want more writers in this little game of mining and crafting. Since they refuse to listen to reason, you will have to settle for picking between a shiny swimmer, a frozen fiend, or a blossoming bovine.


This cold-hearted illager from Minecraft Dungeons thrives in snowy, icy, and rocky areas. If you vote for this hostile mob, they will move into the new mountain tops that tower over the Overworld. Do you really want that? These mountains are so tall that vegetation doesn’t grow on them – just spiky ice formations, rocks, and snow as far as the eye can see. The Iceologer would make these mountains even more challenging, since they don’t just want to hang out up there. Oh no, when you meet one of them they will hurl flying ice clouds at you. Vote for the Iceologer if you want to experience hardcore snowball fights with a stunning view! 


This four-legged flower is a fan favorite from Minecraft Earth, and pretty much the opposite of hostile. Rumor has it that if Mooblooms move into Minecraft, they will be able to interact with bees but nobody has told me exactly how. It’s almost like they want it to be a surprise and they don’t trust me. That is just rude as I am a consummate professional. Do you know how much restraint it took for me to write move instead of moo-ve just now? Anyway, vote for the Moobloom if you want the Flower Forest biome to be more floral than ever! 

Glow Squid

This shimmering sea creature also made its debut in Minecraft Earth, giving me the perfect opportunity to make a surf & turf joke but I won’t since I have already committed to writing a very serious article™. Let’s look at some factual facts instead of spending more time on puns, no matter how cleverly penned. The glow in Glow Squid doesn’t come from a bomb skin care routine but actually refers to the way it literally glows, in the same way that the Enderman’s eyes do. While we’re comparing this candidate to existing mobs, I can tell you that they are pretty similar to the squid that are already swimming around in Minecraft. They won’t attack players or other entities, but their glow is pretty atmospheric. That’s probably why they prefer dark bodies of water – the effect just isn’t the same in an already sun-drenched ocean. If you want to add more marine life to Minecraft and hasten the alleged squid uprising, vote for the Glow Squid! 

There you have it. Three mobs, one vote. Which one will you pick? Make your decision and join us on minecraft.net/live on October 3rd at 12 ET! Remember, if you want to participate you need to log on to Twitter, head to twitter.com/minecraft and vote in the poll! 


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