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Join the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby®

Time to run home and hit home runs!

There are countless ways to play Minecraft. You can go on adventures, create epic builds, or simply dig a series of holes that might serve a purpose one day. You never know! It just so happens that I dug four holes in a diamond shape the other day. Then, I needed to take a break so I dug two longer holes on two opposing sides so I could sit down and take a break. As I was pondering my amazing digging skills in the area I had just dugout, an idea happened to strike! Just like that, right off the bat. I should add more hidden messages in italics! That would be a surefire home run.

Yes, not only am I introducing our very first athletic DLC for Minecraft, I am 100% taking credit for the idea. That is how bold team sports make me feel! What can I say? The adrenaline just takes over, the cheers from the crowd egg me on, and I just look so spiffy in my uniform. Who cares if I was technically “asked to leave” the team for “refusing to hold the bat”. It’s heavy! That’s why I need you to do it instead. 

In our brand new Major League Baseball Home Run Derby® DLC, we partnered with the Misfit Society to challenge you to hit as many home runs as you can! No need to count yourself, that is what the lovely scoreboards are for. You have all 30 MLB® parks recreated in blocks to choose from, and just like in the real world, they vary in size! We’re also providing you with jerseys so you can get into the spirit and display your loyalty to your favorite team. Speaking of accessories, I have just been informed that the free glove that you can get from Character Creator is not just fashionable but pretty vital to the game. Also, you only wear one at a time. Couture!  

Have you warmed up? Is your cap securely on your head? Good, then it’s time for you to hurry on over to Minecraft Marketplace before I subject you to even more baseball puns. I’m positively batty for them.

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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