How to Get Into Minecraft Betas

Wanna help us make Minecraft? Help us test our latest unreleased features!

Most weeks we release early versions of Minecraft updates to test out new features, shake out the wrinkles and squish the bugs before they reach a wider audience. It’s a cool way for players such as yourself to check out the new stuff that we’re working on before it officially releases!

If the prospect of seeing new things first has you excited, and you don’t mind potentially running into a few bugs along the way, then have a look at your preferred platform here below!

But be aware: these versions are by their nature a bit unstable, and things are likely to be weird, wonky, or just plain wrong. The game may crash and things you build might get corrupted. It’s a small risk, but a risk nonetheless!



In the Java Edition, we put out regular test versions known as Snapshots: just go to the Launch Options tab, enable Snapshots, and then select the latest snapshot by clicking the arrow next to the Play button on the main tab.


Xbox One now has Minecraft Preview, which is available for free for everyone who owns a digital copy of Minecraft. It will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass later this year. Unfortunately, Preview is not available to use for Disc owners. Learn more about Preview on the Minecraft Preview FAQ!

WINDOWS 10 & 11

Windows now has Minecraft Preview, which is available for free to all owners of Minecraft and subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass. Learn more about Preview on the Minecraft Preview FAQ!


iOS now has Minecraft Preview, which players can opt into via this link when slots are available. While the slots are limited, we will open more up periodically, and we’ll remove inactive players to let new folks in. Learn more about Preview on the Minecraft Preview FAQ!


Android has a Beta program that you can join at any time if you already own Minecraft. Please note that by joining this Beta you replace your standard version of Minecraft with the Beta version. Also, the Beta version does not have access to Realms or Featured Servers, and can only play in multiplayer worlds with other Beta players.

To join the Android Beta, click here and then click “Become a Tester.” If you later decide to leave the Beta, you can click the same link and then “Leave the program” to do so. After leaving you will need to uninstall and then re-install Minecraft to get back to the officially released version. Please note that worlds you play during the beta may not be playable outside of it until the next release after exiting the Beta program.


Please report all your bugs at & please let us know what you think about the beta by pressing the feedback button in the game or visiting

That’s it! Have fun and test away!

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