Drawing of a sunrise coming up over a forest of trees in a swamp with fireflies scattered throughout

Community Roundup: The Wild Update Fanart

This year’s Minecraft Live was chock full of surprises, reveals, and announcements. One of the biggest, of course, was next year’s Wild Update. Mud, mangrove swamps, frogs, boats with chests (!!!), and more are coming, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Of course, this meant we had to ask the official Minecraft Discord community to share fan art inspired by this announcement – and you all delivered! We loved seeing all the fantastic pieces the community came up with and are thrilled to share, in no particular order, which ones really drove us… wild.

RM-0419 shared with us this delightfully pixelated submission they titled Foggy Night

Zhongli gave us a drawing showing their version of the mangrove swamp sunset that was shown during the Minecraft Live broadcast. 

Voyager_exe submitted this adorable swamp complete with frogs, a few allays, and majestic mangrove trees.

Monkey’s swamp “doodle” submission apparently only took them 5 minutes! 

This submission from not elsewenner takes us to the deep dark, where there’s very little light and a whole lot of unknown. Gives us shivers just thinking about it!

Courtesy of Derp, their majestic firefly took 12 hours to complete and “add the finishing touches.” 

Circle takes us to the deep dark with their City Highway. If you zoom in, you’ll see a little surprise!

We had a lovely Sculk block sent in by I did nothing, which is getting us even more hyped for the Wild Update!

We were truly blown away by the variety of submissions sent in as well as the passion and excitement for the Wild Update, so thank you to everyone who participated.

Want to share your creations? Please keep an eye out on our Discord server for future community and fan art contests!

Lindsey S.
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Lindsey S.