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Glitch Runner: Endless Parkour

Grab your free map from the Summer Sale!

Have you checked out the Marketplace Summer Sale yet? I’m still trying to figure out which emotes I want, I can’t believe “Staring Off Into Space” isn’t an option even though I know I suggested it at least 742 times. Including many demonstrations, I am a professional after all. While I’m waiting for the developers to get it together, I tried out the free map that was included in the sale.

Chill out with MrSquishy & Pathway Studios’ infinite cyber-parkour course Glitch Runner. Did I say chill out? I meant run as fast as you can because the world is literally falling apart behind you. As you make your way through winding paths and hidden traps, you have to carry an energy core to safety. Don’t drop it, even as a goof. It’s not worth it, trust me. As long as you use your power-ups wisely and don’t look back, I’m sure you’ll be fine. You can even track your high scores, if you’re fast enough you might even beat mine! It’s very high, I promise. What is it exactly? Well that’s rude. Maybe you should stop asking so many nosy questions, and start running!

Sofia Dankis
Sofia Dankis


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