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Start a New Story: City Living

From Limber Loner to Crafty City Dweller

Do you have a specific playstyle or character build you’re always attracted to? For me it’s agility builds. I’m the stealth archer that’s climbing all over the place to get the best vantage point and take out the enemies before they even spot me. Very effective, but SO predictable. In fact, I’ve found myself playing the same character in almost every video game I load up. That’s why I’m starting a new story today and embracing the true roleplaying experience, with City Living by Noxcrew, which is available now on Minecraft Marketplace! I’m also setting a personal goal for my city dweller persona: finding the perfect car to cruise around in – fast.

Roleplay maps offer you immersive worlds that are designed to create unique experiences for you and your friends, whether it’s a beach resort, a medieval castle, or in this case: a bustling city. City Living is a creative toolbox where you can live your best urban life: live in a luxury penthouse, furnish your cozy townhouse, take on building and design jobs, drive cars and planes, hang out at the beach, or take a ride on the dirt bike course. My aim was to find my ideal car, and after many trials and adventures that’s exactly what I did – and I have the screenshots to prove it!

The map starts in a tutorial area that explains how everything works. You can peruse this at your leisure (after all, you’re in Creative mode, nobody’s rushing or blowing up next to you!), or, like me, you can assume that you’ll figure things out as you go and just zoom out of there.

When I first saw the city, I couldn’t help but marvel at its beauty. This map does an amazing job at emulating the urban look and feel of real cities. I had barely emerged from the tutorial and I was already feeling like a real city dweller.

I took my time Creative-style flying around and just taking in the city, when I noticed something very exciting from afar: a car! It didn’t look particularly fast, but I wanted to give all of them a fair shot. I spent a lot of time switching from car to car, trying to find the best one. I even drove a taxi for a while! Nobody hailed a ride from me though, I wonder if it’s because they were intimidated by my amazing drifting skills? While none of these cars were quite perfect for me, I greatly enjoyed living a fantasy that would get me into a LOT of trouble IRL.

After several minutes of high-speed shenanigans, I took a quick break to explore the more secluded areas of the city skyline: the rooftops. The first was a refreshing infinity pool with a clear bottom, perched high above a city square. Next, I stopped to smell the flowers (and potatoes) in a gorgeous rooftop garden. Then, as I was flying around, I found one of the coolest attractions on the map: a dirt bike track! Racing up and down the ramps by the seaside felt exhilarating, and I can only imagine it’s even better if you bring a few friends along. After beating my own lap record a few times, I decided to head indoors for a break.

Seeking refuge from the sun, I decided to check out the local entertainment. I found a bowling alley where I had a great time checking out all the different bowling ball designs and then immediately hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes because there were too many people there and I got overwhelmed (pretty on brand behavior). Realizing this wasn’t my kind of fun, I dramatically dropped all the bowling balls to seek some comfort – specifically, food! 

As I walked off the blockiest taco I’ve ever had, I stumbled upon what I figured would be the perfect place for indoor adventures: the plaza! And I was right. After a short visit to a bike shop (I call it a shop but they didn't ask me to pay) I was zooming around like one of the cool kids. I eventually got off the bike when I saw the awesome play area. But as I was bouncing on the trampoline... I saw it. The perfect car – right in front of me, beautifully displayed between the shops. It was glorious. And I took it. Granted, it wasn’t easy getting it out the door, but thankfully even my clumsy maneuvers left it in pristine condition.

After the best joyride of my life, I decided to head to the beach and just stand there for a bit, feeling (but not really looking) cool next to my car. With the (virtual) breeze in my (virtual) hair, I finally felt content. I had a fast car and a gorgeous city I could drive it in.

It’s been an amazing but still long day, and my adventure in the city must sadly come to an end. But this is where you come in! There are many more cool things to discover in City Living, including build challenges, cleanup missions, and actual flying vehicles. The map is available for purchase now on Minecraft Marketplace, so hurry up and move to the big city today! 

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