Snowtacular Skins

Some of our favourite winter makeovers from the Minecraft community!

What's the best part about cold weather? Slipping on the ice and permanently damaging your dignity! Yeah! Wait, no, that's the worst part. The best part is dressing up for the season! Wrap a scarf around that neck, get those hands mitten-ed up, and wear a Christmas sweater so ugly that Lady Gaga refuses to open her fashion-conscious eyes until we're safely into spring (she totally does that btw – ask her if you don't believe me).

I'm not the only one dressing up for the snowiest season. Loads of you have been giving your Minecraft avatars outstanding new looks as part of PlanetMinecraft's Winter Wonderland contest!

These seasonal skins have truly warmed my heart! Which is lucky, because this seasonal weather has frozen the rest of my poor body, forcing me to type this with my tongue. What a horrible mental image that is. Let's get it out of our minds by looking at some lovely Minecraft skins!


By A1yssa

The charming red-and-green scarf is a lovely touch/cruel reminder of how cold my neck is – but it's not the detail that draws your eye when you first see this skin, is it? Nope, that would be the string of Christmas lights wrapped around the arm! Now while this makes for a lovely Minecraft skin, we wouldn't recommend trying to wear lights in real life, unless you're a Christmas tree (oh, and if you are one of our Christmas tree readers, please stop writing in and asking us to remove axes from the game – it's never gonna happen).


By Rawowolf

Not that you asked, but the only gift I wanted this year was a lovely set of pyjamas, to replace the cardboard box with PYJAMAS written on the side that I currently sleep in (not recommended). And these Penguin PJ's would have been perfect! Not only is the humble penguin by far the best bird (don't you dare disagree with me on this – it’s a fact) but the lovely pastel-y purple of the pyjamas doesn't draw focus away from our feathery yellow-beaked friend. Perfect! I didn't get any pyjamas, by the way, but I did get a new box to sleep in, made of slightly cosier cardboard. Close enough!


By Catoni

What's that? You weren't expecting more than one penguin-themed skin on this list? Ho ho ho! Listen, buddy – if I had my way, every skin on this list would be a penguin. This website would also be called and I'd replace all the blocks in Minecraft with pengui... er, actually, I should probably stop giving away my plans for 2019. Pretend you didn't read that.

Anyway, look at this penguin! He's truly ready for the coldest of snaps, thanks to his swish and stylish choice of scarf, its colours standing out nicely against his black-and-white coat. Am I implying that you should take fashion inspiration from a virtual penguin? Yes! Unapologetically!


By BleedingBlack

As someone who's been rocking the hair colour 'filth brown' for 26 bland years, I admire the kaleidoscopic cut that Rainbow-Haired Christmas girl has opted for! However, if the first skin on this list was taking a slight risk with some wearable lights, this skin is coated in enough bright electronic bulbs to be a serious fire hazard. Presumably, she's opted for a brown onesie because A) she's a big fan of my filth brown hair (hey, thanks!) and B) if she wore any more colour, you'd go blind from looking at her. Even her eyes are purple. Good grief. Also, good skin!


By An Intelligent Moron

I'm rubbish at building snowmen, but this skin dares to ask – should we even be building snowmen at all? I never even thought about it until I read that amazing title, but surely if you're made of snow, then a scarf – an item of clothing designed to keep you warm – is the last thing you should be wearing? Oh no, what have I done? How many innocent snowmen have I tortured/mildly irritated?

That's it! From now on, is a pro-snowman-nudity website! I'm burning all my thousands of snowmen outfits, soon as I finish writing this article. Anyway, look at this delightful skin! I especially enjoy its carrot nose, coal smile and that fetching scarf around its... HEY WAIT A MINUTE.

A huge thanks to everyone who let us feature their skin on Give your skin a Minecraft makeover, and don't forget to wrap up warm! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to my box for a nap. Night!

Scritto da
Tom Stone