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Realms Plus: August

New adventures and skins coming to Realms Plus in August!

Summer might be ending soon, but the Realms Plus freebies keep on coming! In August, Minecraft’s monthly subscription service is adding another five exciting adventures! 

Still haven’t joined? You should know that Realms Plus lets up to ten players enjoy over 100 pieces of the best content on Minecraft Marketplace, such as adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and more. Every month we add new content to the lineup, and August is no exception. Check out this month’s exciting selection:

25 TNTs by BBB Studios

Small booms, big booms, throwable booms… this pack’s got them all! This beautiful map comes with 25 unique TNTs that you can use to reshape the landscape, defeat foes, or simply detonate for fun. Disclaimer: standing too close to lit TNT may result in death.

Butterfly Kingdom by Imagiverse

Looking for more va-va-voom and less ba-da-boom? Become the prince or princess of this idyllic butterfly kingdom, complete with adoring subjects, unicorns, and fairies! When you’re not basking in the adulation of your royal subjects, you can explore the castle and its gardens in search of the hidden gems. Your carriage awaits!

Pizza Delivery Simulator by 57Digital

The life of royalty is fine and all, but nothing is as rewarding as an honest day’s work – especially when you’re bringing pizza to the people! Become a delivery driver, earn BUX, and upgrade your bike, car, or truck – just watch out for the pizza stealing bear! Did I mention you also get 14 free skins? For some reason all I can think about is pizza.

Space Adventure by Everbloom Studios

Want to mix things up with some extraterrestrial adventures? Why not grab your Space Blaster and lead your crew on a journey across the galaxy? Featuring 3 expansive chapters, spectacular visuals, and professional voice acting, this adventure puts you in the role of Commander – and it’s up to you to take on the Dark Menace! Which of the two endings will you choose?

Extraordinary Animals by CubeCraft Games

Add some cuteness to your game with this skin pack! Featuring 20 skins (and two free ones), this pack seeks to spread awareness about some stunning endangered animals while making your game 120% more adorable.

Want even more awesome creations? Head to our Realms Plus site for more content!

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