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Sophie Austin

New Year’s Celebration: Grave Danger

Defend your castle against the undead!

Grave Danger is a tower defense type game with a unique twist! The player will jump into a world where they get to defend the castle from various kinds of fantastic monsters. The inspiration came from various tower defense games, but tower defenses can feel a little bland outside of the building phase. There is a certain tension while you wait for the waves of enemies to clash with your defenses but if you made a mistake, you cannot fix it.

We wanted to add a twist, so Grave Danger uses traps instead of turrets. We also gave the player agency during the spawn phase in which they can fight the zombies directly in the role of a young knight together with their tiny dragon companion.

Players should think outside the box when approaching this map. Positioning the traps in various combinations can make them more powerful than just a standalone trap. This and unlocking the achievements for more powerful traps will make for an absolutely unique experience.

Aspiring map-makers should go ahead and get their feet wet. Start with a small project, something simple, and expand on the next one.  Have a look at There they can find lots of documentation on Minecraft map-making. There are also Discord communities that are based around Minecraft map-making. The people you meet and the things you learn are amazing things that come with map making and it is a lot of fun!

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