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New skins on Marketplace!

Plus a few bug fixes for Pocket and Win 10

We’re rolling out a teeny tiny update to Pocket and Windows 10 today. But good things come in small packages: in this case, three new skin packs have been added to the Marketplace, giving antsy aesthetes extra options. Beasts of all kinds feature in the packs available, alongside ancient warriors and futuristic explorers. Check them out on Marketplace by clicking this very link!

First up we have the Battle & Beasts Skin Pack. This is actually two skins packs fused into one - both beloved classics from Console Edition, now made freshy available for Pocket and Win 10 players. The skins celebrate wild animals and mighty warriors of many nations. Click here to find it on Marketplace!

Next is a skin pack from one of our newest partners: Irish! It’s a set of skins for interplanetary explorers, divided into colour coded teams. You can find it on Marketplace by clicking here! Also: watch out for an interview with Irish in the next few days!

And finally, creative crew Imagiverse are back with a pet-themed skin pack. Be the parrot you want to see in the world! Click here to be taken to it's spot on Marketplace.

As an added extra, we squished a few bugs too: we sorted out some lag Android devices were experiencing when accessing resource packs, and put a stop to some crashes at launch and when loading worlds while holding compasses or clocks. Now you can enjoy loading worlds with any kind of orientation devices safely in hand! What a bonus.

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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