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My fair(e) pet

Meet some new companions from Dungeons’ season 3!

Minecraft Dungeons’ third seasonal adventure, Fauna Faire, might include both Tower multiplayer, an all-new mission, as well as a crafty merchant who dabbles in enchanting. But it’s also an update with a large line-up of companions waiting for a hero to bring them on adventures. The question is: what are these new pets? 
To bring the community some much-deserved information,’s very own editorial team decided to break into the Dungeons team’s broom cupboard archives and datamine their most well-guarded files of fauna. Luckily, this room just so happens to be positioned next to our desks, which resulted in a break-in worthy of its own heist movie adaptation. So hurry, make sure to check out these new companions before Sofia Dankis, Sophie Austin, Cristina Anderca, and I are thrown into the Minecraft... dungeons.

Emperor Penguin

Waddle here, waddle there, when you're a penguin you waddle everywhere!

Sofia: As a flightless bird myself, I can relate to the Emperor Penguin. Who needs to fly through the sky when you can be safe on the ground? That’s where the dirt is!

Sophie: Not to mention the enemies! I can’t wait to see the most regal of all ice-birds landing some critical hits on some zealous zombies. The perfect, penguin pet! 

Cristina: A bird after my own heart indeed – flying is terrifying, and so is dealing with enemies on my own! Plus, the ground is where all good things are. Have you ever seen a pizza in the sky??

Per: That’s a good point, Cris – I certainly have not! Flight is overrated! To waddle is to walk with dignity and grace, so having an Emperor Penguin in your party will certainly raise both morale and the overall mood in your party. This is my favorite pet of the season – and we haven’t even looked at the other pets yet!

Baby Wooly Cow 

So fluffy you just want to squeeze it! But not too hard, it's only small.

Cristina: It’s like time-traveling back to high school and looking in a mirror! The only thing that’s missing is the smoky eyeliner, but I could see how would be too moo-ticulous for someone with hooves.

Per: Yeah, those bangs make the Baby Wooly Cow look like the edgiest bovine in the Overworld. A nice match for all players that love to express th... are you crying, Sophie?

Sophie: *Tucks a packet of tissues into pocket* No! But I’ve heard when you summon the Baby Wooly Cow, you also summon tears to your own eyes. I must be immune though, it’s just the cuteness of its soft, yellow fur making my eyes water! Sofia, do you know?

Sofia: It’s just so cute. I need to place it in the palm of my hand and weep immediately. Where are my tissues? For the love of blocks, give me my tissues! 

Cinnamon Ferret

So sweet you just want to roll it in a bagel and eat it up. (Don't!)

Sophie: I’ve always wondered what ferrets smelled like, but this little buddy will always smell like warm breakfast buns, no matter how many foes you’ve defeated!

Sofia: Sleek. Spicy. Sophisticated. The cinnamon ferret has it all, and I am intimidated in the best way.

Per: So, are cinnamon ferrets a thing? Is there maybe a cardamom ferret? In that case, I’m completely sold. Ferrets seem to be the perfect hybrid between cat and dog, so for those who simply can’t decide: here’s a strong candidate for your forever companion!

Cristina: The sleek elegance of a cat, the cuddly cuteness of a dog, and the smell of a delicious pastry spice. It’s like someone went into my dreams and brought them to life all at once.


The only thing this masked menace will steal is your heart.

Sofia: True story: all raccoons remind me of Cristina. Not because she steals the win in every game we play, or her very delicate hands. No, it’s because she has the exact same stealthy essence as these crafty creatures. Also, they both hiss at me when I interrupt their midnight snacking hour. 

Cristina: I’m slightly insulted (and worried) that Sofia didn’t mention both mine and the raccoon’s excellent hygiene habits, but I’ll use it as an educational moment. Did you know that raccoons often dip their food in water before eating it? Apparently, they just do it out of habit, but it kind of washes the food either way! Just don’t try it with cotton candy.

Sophie: *Gently removes cotton candy* See? Sofia was right Cristina, you’re even as smart as these adorable little trash-pandas that I am very excited to claim as my new pet!

Per: While raccoons may have a bit of a bad reputation for their profound love of human trash, it’s easy to forget just how awesome they are in video games. Over the years, raccoons have been depicted as master thieves, cosplayed by Italian plumbers, and have even named an American city – what a feat! More importantly: they’re smart, which makes them the perfect companion to bring with me on a challenging Tower run!


No need to hold your nose! It turns out you haven't got one!

Per: Is there a reason I’m the opening speaker for the skunk? Is it because I ran out of deodorant last week, or because we both share a legendary curiosity for just about anything? Fine, the skunk is my spirit animal, and you should all be jealous!

Sofia: I am very jealous of skunks because their fur is the color of my dream hair. Can I dye my hair? Yes. Will I? Not before the skunks dye their fur a mousy brown. 

Sophie: I think this skunk’s blocky pink nose wins Cutest Nose Award out of all these pets! Of course the judging is biased (me!) and the panel is non-existent, but I’ll defend this little snoot all the way to the End!

Cristina: I will boop that snoot at any cost, even if it means having to retreat from society until I my smell no longer elicits horrified gasps.


Everyone's favorite hog, the hedgehog! Cuddle with caution!

Cristina: I... I wasn’t ready for this cuteness. *starts tearing up* I need to take a moment. Please proceed without me.

Per: Don’t worry, I’ll take it from here! Something just tells me that this little critter is a great companion to bring with you on any mission or ancient hunt that requires speed! Gotta go fast! What’s your take, Sophie?

Sophie: Hedgehogs have a reputation as being prickly, but this new pet looks positively snuggle-able. Might you get a few scratches? Sure, but you’ll have made a new best friend! 

Sofia: I usually throw caution right into the wind, and this time I am flinging it into a hurricane. Nothing will stop me from cuddling this hedgehog, NOTHING. 

Grey Tabby

Grey doesn't mean boring!

Sofia (obviously): Ah, the grey tabby! I don’t mean to be biased, but as the resident Cat Lady™, I get to cut the line when it comes to taking a nap with any feline, be it tiger or tabby. Now if you’ll excuse me. ZZZzzzzz...

Cristina: *wipes tears* Grey can actually mean very chaotic. Take for example the stray cat my parents took in. If this in-game cat is half as feisty as he is, those enemies are in for a rough ride. Unless they happen to be carrying raw chicken, in which case I’m expecting a swift betrayal.

Sophie: My real-world cat allergies won’t stop me from scooping up this cutie and adding them to my party! Everyone knows tabby cats are the most fearsome, too!

Per: Fearsome indeed! Looks can be deceiving, because I have a theory that cats are in secret the most powerful beings in all the Overworld. Why else would phantoms and creepers be so terrified of them? I for one welcome our new tabby overlords!

Red Panda

It's very easy to get lost in the Red Panda's cuteness, careful you don't forget about adventuring!

Per: Of course I will forget about adventuring! How could I possibly focus on anything else than the very epitome of a captivating creature? If this little furball is as playful as it looks, I might never leave the camp again.

Cristina: As enamored as I may be with the trash panda, I can’t deny that this little rascal has set my heart aflutter. Why do anything else when you can hold the red panda in your arms and never, ever let it go?

Sophie: Should we wake Sofia up for this one? Or let her discover the adorable Red Panda for herself when she finally comes-to? I should leave a warning perhaps: “Caution: extreme cuteness ahead!”

Sofia: ZzzzzzZzzzzZzzzz...wait! Why didn’t any of you wake me for the red panda? Trying to keep all this adorable adventuring for yourselves. Wait for me, I want a turn carrying it on my back! 



Discover your favorite pet on October 19 as Fauna Faire arrives at the Heroes’ camp! For more information on Minecraft Dungeons’ third seasonal adventure, visit the Minecraft Dungeons site.

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