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Two walls made out of bamboo blocks are facing each other at a 90-degree angle. The walls are filled with item frames with items in them. There's a bookshelf, an anvil, an unlit spawner, and a lit spawner on the ground. There's a snow golem standing on the lit spawner.

Minecraft Snapshot 22w44a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

Another Wednesday, another snapshot. This week's snapshot introduces a few new game rules and a few gameplay changes which include another round of inventory tweaks. As usual, there are a few bugfixes as well.

Happy Mining!

Changes in 22w44a

  • Bamboo Mosaic can now be used as fuel
  • Chiseled Bookshelves now works with Hoppers
  • More changes to the Creative Inventory
  • Monster Spawner changes
  • Spawn Egg changes
  • Step sound changes

Creative Inventory changes

A (hopefully) final round of changes has been made to the Creative Tab orderings to address feedback:

  • Operator-only blocks and items can now be found in the Redstone Blocks tab if you have the required permissions
  • Functional Blocks
    • Added:
      • Tinted Glass
      • Bee Nest
    • Moved Respawn Anchor before Beds
    • Reordered Pressure Plates by functionality
    • Moved End Portal Frame & Infested blocks into this tab from Natural Blocks tab
  • Redstone Blocks
    • Added:
      • Chest
      • Barrel
      • Cauldron
      • Furnace
      • Composter
  • Building Blocks
    • Added:
      • Chain
      • Block of Amethyst
    • Moved Block of Redstone and Block of Coal into this tab from the Natural Blocks tab
  • Crafting
    • Added:
      • Ancient Debris
  • Reordered the following tabs for better consistency
    • Building Blocks
    • Natural Blocks
    • Consumables
  • Reordered ore materials and blocks to be more consistent across tabs

Monster Spawners

  • Spawners no longer have a default mob spawn type when placed by a player (previously was the Pig)
  • Will not emit fire particles when a mob spawn type has not been defined
  • Renamed to Monster Spawner to match Bedrock, and removed purple text color
  • Pick-block now works for Spawner blocks
  • The mob type is now displayed in the hover description of a Spawner item stack
    • If a mob type has not been defined yet, the hover description will describe how to set it

Spawn Eggs

  • Added new Spawn Egg items for Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem and Wither mobs to Creative mode
    • Ender Dragon and Wither Spawn Eggs will only be available through commands to prevent accidental destruction of player builds
  • Polar Bear Spawn Egg colors have changed to distinguish it from the Ghast Spawn Egg


  • Step sounds can now be heard when walking on:
    • Carpets
    • Lily Pads
    • Small Amethyst Buds
  • Step sounds can now be heard when walking through:
    • Nether Sprouts
    • Glow Lichen
    • Crimson Roots
    • Warped Roots

Technical Changes in 22w44a

  • Added new game rules

Game Rules

  • Added blockExplosionDropDecaymobExplosionDropDecay and tntExplosionDropDecay game rules
    • When set to false, all blocks drop loot
    • When set to true, blocks drop loot randomly depending on how far from the explosion center
    • Defaults to false for TNT, true for block and mob
  • Added snowAccumulationHeight game rule
    • When it is snowing, this game rule determines the maximum number of Snow Layers that can be accumulated in each block
    • Defaults to 1
    • Set to 0 makes no Snow form at all
    • Set to 8 or above lets snow form up to the level of a full block
  • Added waterSourceConversion and lavaSourceConversion game rules
    • When set to true, allows new sources of that fluid to form
    • Defaults to true for Water and false for Lava
  • Added globalSoundEvents game rule, controlling whether certain gameplay moments are heard by all players regardless of location
    • Defaults to true

Fixed bugs in 22w44a

  • MC-30403 - Sprinting isn’t canceled when dismounting rideable entities while sprinting
  • MC-137136 - Lily Pads use incorrect sound
  • MC-137306 - Turtles don’t have breeding delay
  • MC-191790 - Re-creating a world doesn’t allow a blank seed and uses recreated world’s seed instead of random
  • MC-195780 - “Data mode” and “Load mode” aren’t capitalized while “Save Mode” and “Corner Mode” are
  • MC-244721 - “Erase cached data” is not capitalized
  • MC-253387 - Frog walking animation is slowed down when applied with slow falling
  • MC-254435 - Neither the secure chat warning toast nor the chat preview warning screen is presented to the player when joining a server using the --server argument
  • MC-255115 - Lily pads do not produce sounds when walking on them
  • MC-256463 - Camels will not pathfind over 1.5 high blocks
  • MC-256480 - Non Flammable Wood Item tag contains 1.20 content even when disabled
  • MC-256526 - Bamboo Fence Gate has missing textures / culling issues
  • MC-256606 - Camel walking animation is slowed down when applied with slow falling
  • MC-256623 - Bamboo mosaic slabs aren’t flammable
  • MC-256637 - Some bamboo blocks can’t be used as furnace fuel
  • MC-256647 - Mobs face south even with a given rotation value
  • MC-256768 - Entities no longer have random rotations upon being summoned from spawn eggs
  • MC-256879 - Weighted pressure plates are placed wrong in creative inventory
  • MC-256881 - The game crashes when pressing the ESC key while having draft chat reports saved
  • MC-256887 - Tinted glass is not considered a ‘Functional Block’
  • MC-256934 - You aren’t prompted to save your chat reports as drafts while only having report categories inputted
  • MC-257058 - Cactus is not grouped with sugar cane in Creative inventory
  • MC-257059 - Mushroom stem comes after nether fungus stems in Creative inventory, but mushroom blocks come before wart blocks
  • MC-257060 - Bee nest is absent from Functional Blocks

Get the snapshot

Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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