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Minecraft Snapshot 19w02a

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

Finally, it's time for the first snapshot of the year! While most of the Java team has been on holiday, we've still managed to cram some things into this snapshot such as smokingly hot Campfires, Cartography Table functionality and Lectern functionality. Enjoy!


Changes in 19w02a


  • Added Campfire
  • Added Cartography Table functionality
  • Added Lectern functionality
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added teammsg command which sends a message to all players on your team


Come one, come all, and toast your buns around the campfire!


  • Decorative fireplace without fire spread
  • Cooks up to four foods, but slowly
  • Acts as a smoke signal you can see very (VERY!) far away when a hay bale is below (hint: think note blocks!)
  • Cosy light source
  • Can be lit/unlit

Cartography Table functionality


  • Fancy UI which more closely represents what the recipes actually do functionally
  • Provides an easier and simpler way of cloning, extending, and locking of maps
  • Map locking allows you to lock maps in the Cartography Table with a glass pane so that they can no longer be modified


Ermahgerd berks... holder... thingy?


  • Right-click empty lectern to place book
  • Right-click lectern with book to open
  • Current page is persistent and shared between all readers
  • Emits redstone pulses when page is changed
  • Use comparator to get book reading progress

teammsg command

General syntax: teammsg ltmessagegt Sends ltmessagegt to all players on the team of the player who runs the command. Available to all players on a team.



  • tm ltmessagegt

Fixed bugs in 19w02a


  • MC-73604 - Spectator can interact with beacon
  • MC-88326 - Other players' items are dropped when closing beacon interface while they are choosing effect
  • MC-92759 - Luck and Bad Luck don't work with double chests
  • MC-93483 - Spectators opening Loot Table (double)Chests will generate the items inside
  • MC-126184 - Luck doesn't work with shulker box
  • MC-135764 - Incorrect plural in stat.minecraft.clean_shulker_box's translation value
  • MC-137532 - Loom does not update preview when changing dyes
  • MC-137647 - Firework Rockets Fired From Crossbow Slide Across The Ground
  • MC-139991 - When witch was spawned by the witch hut, command or spawn egg, it will not actively attack the players
  • MC-140049 - Illager patrol leader lacks the illager banner on the head, when it was spawned in the raid
  • MC-140322 - Grindstone resistant to any explosion
  • MC-140594 - Raid bar will disappear after being filled in snowy villages
  • MC-140790 - Multiplayer server crash at end of raids
  • MC-140944 - Summoning illager near a villager - Second wave raid is loading on at same time - Fatal Ticking Entity crash
  • MC-140953 - Recipe toasts for smoker/blast furnace use crafting table icon
  • MC-140959 - small_fireball entity ID is broken
  • MC-140982 - Bell has no animation when used by another player
  • MC-140986 - Comparator does not detect items in barrels
  • MC-141019 - When appending list entries in another list, the entries get appended in reverse order
  • MC-141360 - Evokers / vindicators / illusioners / pillagers have a gap between their legs
  • MC-141393 - Skeleton riding a turtle or parrot crashes the game
  • MC-141533 - Incorrect advancements background textures
  • MC-141603 - Fences, walls, glass panes and iron bars diffuse/filter skylight

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:


Report bugs here:



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