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An photo of six real-life people walking away from the camera, towards a creeper face cutout made in a stone brick wall that has a Minecraft texture. Through the cutout, we can see a village under a bright sky; on the left, there is a zombie on fire walking towards the camera; on the right, there is a villager facing the camera.

Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue

Block your calendars for the first IRL Minecraft adventure!

What would you do if you found yourself inside Minecraft? Start punching trees? Build yourself a mortgage-free cozy cabin? Scream in horror at what lies beyond the bedrock beneath your feet? Before we get all existential, let me reassure you: there’s no way to enter Minecraf– *picks up phone* Wait, there is? And it’s a ton of fun? And there’s no void?! *hangs up* Great news, buddy! 

Today, we’re announcing Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue, the first ever real-life Minecraft adventure! This is an interactive and immersive touring experience that will travel to different cities around the world, produced by Experience MOD and Supply + Demand. Villager Rescue is a collective quest in which you must save a large group of villagers from an... unpleasant fate.  

This rescue mission will take you and your team through multiple biomes, where you’ll get to meet mobs (yes, some hossstile ones too), gather resources, explore the environment, and more. Minecraft Experience is designed to be interactive, but you can also just spectate, encouraging your fellow adventurers and enjoying the scenery! 

Enter the Minecraft Experience in Dallas, Texas! 

The first stop on the Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue tour will be Dallas, Texas, opening this year on September 20. Want to be the first one to step into the real-life Overworld? Sign up for the pre-sale at from May 29 to receive priority access to the Experience tickets. You won’t have to wait long either – pre-sale tickets will be available for purchase just two days later on May 31, so set your alarms! If you’re the kind of person to snooze through said alarms, don’t worry if you miss the pre-sale. General ticket sales will start on June 3 for everyone else – so you won’t miss out on any of the fun. 

Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue is a blast to attend with anyone – including friends, family, colleagues, frenemies, or that nephew who never takes off his Steve costume. Children need to be accompanied by an adult but if you’re over the age of 16, you can also come by yourself and be teamed up on the spot. We highly encourage dressing up for the occasion, but make sure your outfit won't get in the way during the adventure (yes, that means leaving the Enderman stilts at home). Of course, the Experience space is wheelchair accessible and fully compliant with ADA regulations, and you can also reach out to if you need specific accommodations. 

Check out the official website for additional info as well as FAQs, including directions to the Dallas venue, age limits, and more. To stay up to date with the latest news and upcoming locations, sign up for the mailing list on This way you’ll be the first to know when Minecraft Experience spawns near you! 

Today’s free Character Creator item

What’s better than frolicking among the cherry blossoms? Literally nothing – but wearing the Cherry Shawl comes very close! Now you can bring the cherry grove with you wherever you go, from the snowy tundra to the fiery Nether. Does the shawl smell like cherry blossoms too? No, but you can figuratively sniff out this floral fantasy of a garment by launching Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, then heading straight to the Dressing Room, where it’s yours to claim. 

And with that, somehow, the final day of our celebration has snuck up on us. It’s time for me to reluctantly stop eating two-week-old cake and blasting my obnoxiously loud DIY birthday horns. Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief from the entire studio? Must’ve been the wind. While the formal celebration is coming to an end, we’ll never stop being thankful for the amazing community we’ve created over these past 15 years – nor will we stop trying to surprise you. Here’s to 15 more years of happy Minecrafting! And beyond that, who knows? It’s up to you how you shape our world. 

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