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MINECON Live: Vote for the Biome we update next!

Tune in this Saturday for your chance to vote!

This Saturday, September 28th, we’ll be broadcasting our round-the-world live stream of all things Minecraft, MINECON Live! It’ll feature four fantastic co-hosts, more info about Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth, and we’ll even be revealing the next big update for Minecraft

It’s extra important to watch MINECON Live on Mixer, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or right here on! Why is that? Because this year we’re asking YOU to vote for which biome we update next in Minecraft! We have big plans for the Swamp, Mountains, and Badlands biomes. During the MINECON Live show, you’ll have the chance to cast your vote for one of these biomes. The biome with the most votes will be the next one we update! 

Let’s learn more about the three biomes and what we have planned:


Parrots are pretty, but don’t you think Minecraft could use some more sinister birds? We agree! That’s why we’ll be adding vultures if you pick the Badlands to be updated next. We’re also planning to add tumbleweeds and fancy cacti to make the Badlands more distinct. Want to see these additions? Vote for Badlands this Saturday during MINECON Live! 


More jagged mountains! Goats! Snow you can lose yourself in (literally, watch your step)! It’s about time Mountains became a more challenging biome to explore, and get a brand new mob as well. If this is the biome you want to see updated next, vote for Mountains this Saturday during MINECON Live! 


Let’s revitalize the swamp with mangrove trees and fun frogs! You’ll also be able to take your adventures even further by adding a chest to the back of your boat for extra storage. Sound like the kind of swamp you’ve always dreamed of spending the rest of your life in? No judgement here, vote for the Swamp this Saturday during MINECON Live! 

Remember, you can only vote during the live stream, so make you’re watching MINECON Live this Saturday at 12 pm EST if you don’t want to miss your chance to change the future of Minecraft! Click here to learn more about the show.

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