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The fun continues with the Marketplace Celebration Sale!

Don’t miss the Marketplace Celebration Sale

The celebration continues with magical discounts!

Welcome, friend, to the final installment in our 5 Year Celebration extravaganza! For weeks, we’ve been time-travelling back to some much-loved fan favorites, but now we have our feet planted firmly back in the present and we’re looking to the future! Specifically, the very near future, because today marks the beginning of our grand finale: the Marketplace 5 Year Celebration Sale! That’s right, if you thought we were just going to pack up and head home after five weeks of fun you’d be sorely mistaken. We’re going to have a fortnight-long sale, and give away some freebies instead! Yippee!

From June 28 to July 12, you can survive on a sky chunk, meet mutated mobs, race your friends, and more – because the world of opportunity over at Minecraft Marketplace is on sale! Nab 150+ discounted packs and discover special doorbuster deals where selected content gets reduced to a whopping 75% off! If that wasn’t enough for you, you can also claim 14 free Character Creator Items in the Dressing Room. Now I’m not great at maths, but I think that’s one free Character Creator item for every day of the sale! Which means I’ll be logging in lots during office hours for purely work-related purposes and not just so I can rock around the blocks with my exclusive new Cake hat on…!

If you prefer for your hats pointy and your cauldron bubbling rather than spraying celebratory confetti everywhere, then you’ll be delighted to hear our magical finale doesn’t end there. On July 5 there’ll be a new, free adventure for you to discover from the marvellous minds at Gamemode One: Spellrune*!



Gamemode One

In this mystical, magic-filled world your new home is the Workshop, a magical building that was created by the first Arcanists and that now floats in a void, which you might think sounds scary but given the rental market here in Sweden I’d call it “cozy and inviting.” It’s up to you to harness the elements of wind, thunder, frost, poison, and fire and become a spellcrafter with enough power to restore the Memoria Machine: an ancient tool that’ll allow you to enter unstable magical rifts and test your power against waves of electrifying, flaming, and frosty foes! But be warned: as your strength grows, so does the power of your enemies. You’ll have to upgrade your runes and craft stronger spells to reach your final foe.

What’s incredible about this map is that you can craft 20,000+ unique spells. According to my friend Dr. Calculator here, that means if you cast just one spell every minute, you’d need two weeks to find all the spells! Which I think sounds like very serious research for me to complete during work hours. With my cake-hat on. And my star pin. I’m sure my Editor won’t mind! You can even find out a little about how Gamemode One made such a spellbinding map in our Creator Interview series, releasing July 4 as an extra bonus!

That’s all from me friends, thank you for joining our incredible journey through time, space and the Overworld as we explored the Marketplace 5 Year Celebration. Now don’t miss the magic, go check out our last, festive hurrah over at Minecraft Marketplace!


*Spellrune requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately). Free until 6/28/2024; limit 1 per person.  

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