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Block of the Week: Farmland

Harvest the secrets of the life-giving earth!

Want to live the Good Life? With a little bit of graft, you can delight in nature’s bounty - and in a happily sustainable way! The secret is dirt - and what you can do with it.

Your average dirt block can be transformed into a ready and reusable dispenser for all manner of yummy foods: wheat, melons, pumpkins, carrots and potatoes. First, you’ll need to make a simple hoe with two wooden planks and two sticks:

Then, just use it on the dirt block - it’ll turn the blocks into tilled soil, aka, fertile Farmland! Though some crops can be planted here straight away, it’s better to give your farmland a supply of water. Hollow out some land, no more than four blocks away from your planting beds, and fill it with water. This will irrigate the surrounding land and wet the farmland - you can tell if it’s worked because the surface will go a darker colour.

Now you can plant all kinds of seeds here! You can usually get some wheat seeds by hitting wild-grown tall grass.

Some other pro-tips: plants like light, so make sure to put up a few torches to help them along during the hours of darkness. Treat your farmland with respect, too! If you jump up and down on your freshly tilled farmland, it’ll revert back to mere dirt. Animals can trample down your fertile fields, too, so make sure you keep your patch fenced off from careless hooves.

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Marsh Davies
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