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Watch Story Mode's finale trailer!

Jesse and the Admin throw down in the final episode of Season 2!

Jesse and gang may have escaped the Underneath, but are they in time to save the Overworld? Will the Admin pull off his dastardly deception? Can Jesse’s beloved Beacontown survive his iron rule? Will everyone live to see the end of the season this time?!

All these questions and more will be answered next Tuesday, when the final episode of Story Mode Season 2 is available for download.

If you hadn’t heard, Story Mode is a narrative-driven, episodic spin-off developed by Telltale Games. It follows the adventures of Jesse and friends, small-time nerds who stumble into big-time adventure. This season, Jesse comes face-to-face with an ancient power known as the Admin, who has very different ideas about the way the world should be run. Banished for disobedience, Jesse has been on a long, perilous journey back to the Overworld - but what will the Admin have done with it in her absence? And will she be able to stop him before anything worse happens?

Well, as with all Telltale games, a lot of that is up to you! YOU get to choose how it all unfolds, making decisions along the way that also change who your Jesse is, which friends you keep (and which, er, don’t make it). To give you a taste of those decisions, Telltale made a cool video that lets you make a choice and see how things shake out. You should check it out!

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