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Spooky Fall awakens

The night beckons...

Hail adventurers, both young and old. We bring you grave tidings, if we may be so bold.

You see, the time has come – that time of the year – when a seasonal event will fill you with fear. 

What is this haunting event you ask, and what is in store? Well, brave adventurers, it’s Spooky Fall – returning once more!!!

Ghostly gear awaits you and your friends, when darkness on trials and Towers descends. 

So muster your courage – but before you escape, nab rewards like a phantom or an Ominous Cape!

The event will go on to 9 of November. So heed this advice and be sure to remember:

Make sure to tread carefully when your skin starts to crawl. We hope you survive this spookiest fall...

Per Landin
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Per Landin

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