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Skyrim Mash-Up now on Pocket and Win 10

Legendary fun awaits as this epic pack ventures to new platforms

At long last, the prophecy comes true! The Skyrim Mash-Up Pack has arrived on Pocket and Windows 10 (it came to Console Edition some time ago) bringing with it some 40 skins, a bespoke texture pack and a sprawling world that takes in the epic scenery of Bethesda’s grand roleplaying adventure. Seek a simple life in the quaint village of Riverwood, traipse across the tundra plains to the storied city of Whiterun, or seek your destiny by making the treacherous climb to the Dragon Temple of Skuldafn.

Whether you choose the adventurer’s life, commit yourself to rebuilding ancient ruins, or simply stand on the local Jarl’s dinner table bellowing Fus Ro Dah - this mash-up pack delivers the tools for you to live out your Elder Scrolls fantasy within Minecraft.

As well as dressing up as the Dragonborn, you can roleplay as Stormcloak soldiers, Khajiit merchants, vampire lords, Spriggans, Draugr Deathlords and more. Familiar characters, like Lydia, Elenwen and the nefarious Nazir will offer their skins, too.

Have a look at the screens below and venture forth into legend!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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