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Realms Plus: March

Six new maps coming to Realms Plus in March!

A new month equals new content on Realms Plus – Minecraft’s monthly subscription service that lets up to ten players enjoy over 50 pieces of Minecraft Marketplace content. Just like last month, we’ve added new adventures to the pool of content (this time a whole six of them) which includes a wide variety of entertaining mini-games, skin packs, worlds, and more. Curious about what they are? Let’s dive right into March’s magnificent maps.

Pirate Adventure by King Cube

Set your course, daring pirate! The treasure of Captain Silver Tooth lies hidden somewhere in the Silver Sea, waiting to be found. Sail to seven different islands and battle hordes of enemies, plundering gold and precious loot along the way!

Maze Busters by House of How

Explore with the Maze Busters in this 3D dungeon racer! Discover something new in every game – over 250 BILLION combinations! That’s more combinations than there are dirt blocks in the Overworld (please don’t fact check us on that)!

University Experience by Nitric Concepts

Welcome to the University Experience! Roleplay by yourself or together with your friends as you explore the many classrooms and facilities – or stay in the dorms. Many adventures await you at university!

I Have Feelings by Caglee

Do you know how to express yourself? Well, maybe you do, but we don’t – which is why we’re happy to recommend the 'I Have Feelings' skin pack! Feeling grumpy? Sad? Crazy? There’s an expression for everyone!

Star Signs Skin Pack by Eneija

What star sign were you born under? The Sagittarius archer? The Gemini twins? The Aries ram? Whether you're a fiery Leo or a well-balanced Libra – this skin pack brings life to each of the zodiac signs!

Millionaire Mansions by Noxcrew

Explore a town filled with beautiful mansions, sports cars, and a new toolset to help you design your dream house. Noxcrew's Creative Toolbox is perfect for roleplay or building with your friends.

Curious about other content that comes with Realms Plus? Check out our Realms Plus site to learn more!

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