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Join the New Year’s Celebration 

Gifts and giveaways to celebrate YOU!

Happy December, friend! The year might be drawing to a close, but the Minecrafty fun is not, because today marks the start of the Minecraft Marketplace New Year's Celebration! Each year we try and give back some of the creativity and joy that you, our community puts into Minecraft by showering you with our gratitude – and gifts! That’s why we’re stuffing the next five weeks full of fun, freebies and discounts, starting December 20! Come with me for a secret, and a sneak peek of what celebratory delights await you this New Year.

Weekly free adventures 

Here’s the secret: I’ve never set any New Year resolutions. None! Though I’ve heard December is the best time to set them, so I’m going to try it! My first resolution for 2023? Dive into the epic, free worlds that are being gifted each week, as part of our New Year’s Celebration

Head to Minecraft Marketplace each week from December 20 – January 17 to find a new, free adventure for you to download! Challenge your friends to races and more in Lucky’s Minigame Mayhem from LogDotZip, or parkour away from danger in Rising Lava Parkour by Dodo Studios. Explore the ocean floor in Trident City by Shalliquinn​, take a relaxing, tropical break in Holiday Resort from CrackedCubes, or test your mettle by taking on a ferocious, legendary foe in Monster Attack: Nian from Next Studios!  

Whether you want to ring in the new year by playing mini-games, leaping up towering trees, discovering underwater cities or battling mythical foes, there’s something for everyone in this amazing selection of giveaways. We’ll be delving deeper into each weekly free world right here on too, and snagging some exclusive play tips from the creators, so check back each week to see what’s in store!  

Free Character Creator items  

What’s better than five gifts? More gifts, that’s what! On top of the weekly free worlds, you’ll also be gifted some awesome new Character Creator items, which is why my second resolution is: change my avatar’s appearance! As someone that only plays in first person, I forget how cool avatars can look until one of my Realm buddies logs in as a bright yellow duck. Luckily there will be weekly drops of free Character Creator items for you to unwrap, and spark your imagination! Head on down to the Dressing Room on your Minecrafting device* and claim your free gifts each week (I won’t spoil them here). Because your avatar deserves to start the new year with fresh, digital threads! 

An epic New Year Sale 

My third and final resolution: set a reminder for the New Year’s Sale! Kicking off next week on December 20 and running all the way until January 3*, the New Year’s Sale means the Minecraft Marketplace will be stuffed full of deals and discounts. There’ll also be some extra-special doorbuster deals: with up to 75% off of selected content!

Phew! That was a lot of fun stuff to cover. Is there such a thing as too many gifts? Absolutely not! But there might be such a thing as too many resolutions. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Will I keep all these resolutions? Will you head to Minecraft Marketplace and claim all your fab freebies over the next five weeks? Yes, yes, and I hope so! Happy New Year, friends! 

*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately); celebration runs 12/20/22 - 1/24/23. Limit 1 of each free item per person/account; redeem Character Creator items by 1/24/23.

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