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8 maps to get you from point A to B as creatively as possible!

New on Realms: Hardcore Parkour

8 maps to get you from point A to B as creatively as possible!

So, for the first time in my life I’m gonna be early on the ball and let the rest of you fellow kids in on a brand-new trend that’s sweeping the nation –parkour! If you’ve not been traversing your urban environment through a series of jumps, vaults and other acrobatic moves you’re missing out, but our latest release has you covered! So, jump out of your chair, onto your desk, do a backflip (Editor’s note: don’t do any of these) and hit play on these new maps!



by __sac & Zombie1111

If you ever feel like going in circles, and don’t mind being surrounded by water walls on all sides, Whirlpool Parkour got you fam. This fast-paced parkour experience isn’t just circular, it’s also curricular – upon finishing, you will receive a grade based on your time and your total number of fails and jumps so you can print them out and hang them on your refrigerator door to impress your parents, roommates and/or pets. Once you’ve been around the blocks a couple of times and wanna step into the big leagues, I’m officially throwing down the gauntlet for any challengers to beat my zero fails score!



by Hielke

We’re off circles, now let’s talk spirals. Some spirals get a bad rep, like those going in a downward direction or those outside the bounds of control. On the other hand, spirals are also seen as divine, due to their frequent occurrence in nature, whether it’s in sunflowers, the double helix of DNA or most importantly, parkour! Yes, we now have our third documented instance of parkour and spirals’ mutual fondness of each other, and if the continued excellence of this map series does not convince you of the existence of some transcendent, all-powerful being beyond mortal understanding, nothing will.



by SimonDMC & EurekaX

What would life be without the space bar? I suggested to my editor that I could give an example by writing this section without blank spaces but that was promptly rejected. As a parkour enthusiast, my love for this key (or its remapped counterpart) is without equal. Upwards, like a scheming evil stepsister, takes this love away from you, leaving you both with a broken heart and a difficult puzzle to solve as you need to travel in the titular direction to beat the map. Once you've cleared a level you’re allowed to backtrack and jump there, so there is a euphoria rush available if you need a morale booster to make it through this heart-wrenching predicament.





by Team Abstract 


by Zeronia & CubeKrowd 


by Avoma



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