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Moana and Xbox Characters Come to Minecraft!

Set sail for adventure with the fearless sea explorers of Disney’s Moana!

The Update Aquatic may be a little way off, but why not prepare for an epic seafaring voyage with the cast of Disney’s Moana?

The Moana Character Pack arrives today! We're also bringing the legendary Skin Pack 1 to the Nintendo Wii U and Switch Editions of the game and the new version of Minecraft for Xbox One, mobiles and Windows 10. More details on that below!

The Moana Character Pack features an intrepid crew of Pacific islanders, the shapeshifting demigod Maui, a giant gold-grabbing crab, coconut-clad pirates, watery apparitions, volcanic demons and other denizens of the deep. You can even play as a lethally stupid chicken. Have a look at the folks found in the pack below, or head straight to Marketplace to reel them in quickly.

Also arriving on new versions of Minecraft and Nintendo Wii U and Switch editions is the exceedingly popular Skin Pack 1! The pack contains various feudal favourites from the Fable series - queens, kings, wizards and warriors - and a slew of heroes from across the world of gaming, like Master Chief, Banjo, Cole Train, ‘Splosion Man and others.

Herobrine has, of course, been removed from this pack.

Have a look at the full selection below, or click this link on your Minecraftin’ device to go straight to Marketplace!

And since we are bringing these skins to Nintendo platforms, it means you can play as Master Chief on your Switch! Fancy that!

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