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Minecraft Snapshot 18w05a

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot

We just moved into a new office this week, so we don't have very much to show you in a new snapshot. That said, have a new snapshot anyway! It has some bug fixes so that's always fun.

Changes in 18w05a

  • Added new command /bossbar
  • Added really basic entity selector suggestions in the command UI (@e etc)
  • Updated translations from crowdin
  • Fixed bug MC-4923 - Flint and steel and fire charges can place fire at invalid positions
  • Fixed bug MC-5037 - Riding a pig / horse with a cape causes it to not behave as expected
  • Fixed bug MC-105591 - Flint and Steel loses durability and fire charge is used up even if no fire was placed
  • Fixed bug MC-123460 - JSON parsing exceptions thrown during parsing of pack.mcmeta of data and resource packs are not caught properly
  • Fixed bug MC-124048 - Tab completing advancement (any?) key with trailing space errors
  • Fixed bug MC-124056 - The members/target/targets argument of /scoreboard and /team does not tab-complete player names
  • Fixed bug MC-124360 - OS locale is used for /data get feedback text when specifying the scale argument
  • Fixed bug MC-124379 - datapacks load functions unreliably
  • Fixed bug MC-124384 - Trigger objectives are enabled by default
  • Fixed bug MC-124499 - Missing command feedback for successfully triggering trigger
  • Fixed bug MC-124616 - /setidletimeout suggests it is in seconds while behaviour is in minutes


This command allows you to create a custom boss bar, change how it looks, and choose who to show it to.

To create a bossbar called foo:bar, use /bossbar create foo:bar "Name of my boss bar".

Then change how it looks using the following commands:

  • /bossbar set foo:bar name <name> to change the name (for example "New Name" or {"translate": "entity.minecraft.ender_dragon"})
  • /bossbar set foo:bar color <color> to change the color (for example red, default white)
  • /bossbar set foo:bar style <style> to change the style (for example notched_6, default progress)
  • /bossbar set foo:bar value <value> to change the value (for example 10, default 0)
  • /bossbar set foo:bar max <max> to change the max value (for example 100, default 100)
  • /bossbar set foo:bar visible <visible> to change the visibility (for example false, default true)
  • /bossbar set foo:bar players <players> to change who can see it (for example @a, default none)
You can also store things into bossbars using /execute store (result|success) bossbar foo:bar (value|max) ...

To remove a bossbar, use /bossbar remove foo:bar.

Bossbars persist across restarts and leaving/rejoining the world. If a player is added to a boss bar and reconnects, they will be re-added to the bossbar unless a new set .. players is ran without them in it.

Get the snapshot

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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