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Introducing: Minecraft Earth Boost Minis

New tiny sidekicks from Mattel

There’s only one thing I hate more than running – and it’s running around without a destination. People who voluntarily subject themselves to that both baffle and inspire me. I also consider the fact that I’m allergic to spandex, heat, and my own sweat a sign that I was simply not meant to move at an accelerated pace unless I’m in some sort of vehicle or falling from a great height.

Luckily, Minecraft Earth has given me a reason to get off the couch aside from my highly inconvenient need for sustenance. But getting out the door requires a minimal amount of willpower, so I often find myself needing an additional push that makes exploring the real-and-yet-not-real world a bit easier… a boost, if you will. Well, I guess I’m either telepathic or a product development genius because Mattel and Mojang have teamed up to create the new Minecraft Earth Boost Minis.

You might be wondering how a small, unbearably cute figurine can make you a better explorer. Aside from providing valuable emotional support (seriously, have you seen how adorable these things are?), each of the minifigs comes with its own in-game perk. These are known as Boosts and range from decreased crafting time to extra experience points, increased health, expanded radius for tappables and adventures, and more. Have I mentioned that you also get experience points every time you scan a new figurine? Because you do. Think of them as companions that help you progress through the world. Kind of like friends? Not that I would know. *sobs*

There are 20 different figures to collect and more than ten different in-game Boosts. Want to become the best explorer you can be? You can equip up to five Boosts at a time and use each Mini as many times as you like – but there is an 18-hour cooldown period. Using two figures that have the same Boost will simply double its duration, so don’t worry if you have duplicates; they might not be different, but they’re still special.

To use them, all you have to do is open the Minecraft Earth app, go to the Boosts screen, select the minifigs tab, and tap “Activate a Boost Mini!”. Then scan your figurine on the back of your phone and you’re good to go! Just keep in mind that you do need an NFC-enabled phone to get the Boosts.

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