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Custom-crafted Xbox One S unveiled!

Grass! Dirt! Redstone! Combined in a limited edition form!

Minecraft players! We salute your ingenuity. For years you’ve amazed us with intricate redstone contraptions, towering mega-builds and more - now it’s time to for us to celebrate your fathomless creativity with a carefully crafted console of our own.

And so we give you: the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle!

Built to resemble that most noble of blocks - grass - this sleek tower of power is riddled through with redstone genius, enabling 4K video streaming, premium audio and the goodliest graphics get-up in the business. The system has been customised inside and out with Minecrafty features - it even has Minecraft sounds when you boot it up.

Alongside this mighty Minecraft machine, you get a Creeper-themed control pad, a month of Xbox Game Pass, giving you access to over 100 great games, and - of course - a full game download of Minecraft itself. The game also comes with the Redstone Pack, a unique collection of skins and other custom content.

It can be yours from October 3rd - but quantities are limited!

And that’s not all that is limited! So is the editionyness of the second limited edition Minecraft-themed Xbox controller we are releasing! This one is pig-themed, even down to the curly tail on its behind. Pigs don’t usually come with textured grips or an enhanced wireless range, though - so in many regards this controller is vastly superior to the real thing. You can pick this porker up (and/or the Creeper-themed pad) from September the 12th.

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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