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Dive into the mystical sound of cherry groves as we interview composer Aaron Cherof
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Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

The Sound of Cherry Groves

Composer Aaron Cherof shares his inspiration

An image of the new Cherry Grove biome - coming in the Trails & Tales Update!
"With this piece, I wanted players to feel something magical"
A serene screenshot of the new Cherry Grove biome, coming with the Trails & Tales update, complete with a waterfall running between the trees
"I wanted to capture the feeling of a familiar but foreign world"
Aaron Cherof, the composer for the Trails & Tales update, reveals his inspiration in this in-depth interview
"I’m really grateful that I was able to express so much of my own voice through this soundtrack"
"I usually write music in linear chunks, where I fully develop 8-16 bars of music at a time"
“I end up with musical ideas that constantly venture forward without always looping back to where they started”
“I knew I wanted to write music for games but had no idea how to get into it.”
A majestic sniffer standing beneath some beautiful cherry trees - both coming to Minecraft with the Trails & Tales update!
“The greatest thing you could hope for as a creator is to find people that you can build things with, and who inspire you to make your best work.”
A screenshot of the serene cherry grove - coming to Minecraft with the Trails & Tales update!

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