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Minecraft Education Goblin chef

Minecraft Maker Series Episode 1: Making the Goblin Chef

Video tutorials to help level up your entity geometry, texture, and animations abilities

Minecraft has always had an amazing video sharing community. We love to watch our players share their adventures in Minecraft, and it’s particularly energizing to see the creator community share videos about how they create in Minecraft. While we’ve compiled some great text-based content about how to create on our Bedrock Documentation page, much of that content is about getting started for the first time. We’ve been thinking about how we could share video content that is more about the artistic thought process, and from professional members of our team and creator community.

Introducing the Minecraft Maker Series! This series of videos is meant to be an inside look at how professional Minecraft creators make something cool from beginning to end. Instead of teaching the basics of creation tools, these videos will assume some base knowledge of creating in Minecraft, which lets us spend more time talking about creative decisions like color choice or finding the right proportions. The goal is to give you direct insight into how pros think while they are creating, and hopefully you can learn some tips and tricks along the way.

This first episode features Mojang 3D artist Peter Sheff, as he walks you through the creation of a custom Goblin Chef mob. This episode will take you from the early concepting phase of the Chef all the way to it being ready to be placed inside of Minecraft. There are three parts to the episode: part 1 is modeling, part 2 is texturing, and part 3 is animating. To make sure we cover the whole creation process, these videos are 10-15 minutes each, so feel free to watch each part separately.

You can check out the videos for episode 1 here. We hope this is an entertaining and insightful look into how a professional artist gets into the rhythm of creating, and that you can take away some knowledge, or get inspired to try creating our yourself. Have fun!

Graham Logan