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So long, Earth!

Take a tour of this mini-Minecraft galaxy!

Mankind has always been enthralled with outer space, obsessed with gawping at the night sky and pondering the wonders of the cosmos. It's an obsession that continues to this day, apparently, as we've seen a staggering amount of starbound Minecraft builds from you lot lately. Anyone would think you were planning on abandoning Earth! Hahahahapleasetakesuswithyoupleasepleaseplease.

Actually, no need to leave just yet! Not when we have this build, 'Galaxie Hub'. The work of the brilliantly-named French builder, The Perfection, this hub is a charming and colourful take on our small pocket of the universe, complete with rushing comets, ringed planets and the trusty green 'n blue orb we call home.

“Minecraft for me is a no limit game,” claims The Perfection, when we ask what inspired him to try and recreate such a colossal collection of planets in miniature form.

The Perfection has been building in Minecraft for “about 4 or 5 years.” He was “looking for a game I could play quietly”, which is just one of the many, many good reasons Minecraft doesn't have a hard metal soundtrack. After seeing some screenshots, he was intrigued enough to dive into the game. And now we're using screenshots of his builds to try and get you to play it. What a vicious/fun circle!

"Minecraft for me is a no limit game"

“I was inspired by some planets,” explains The Perfection, when we ask how he balanced realism and taking more artistic license with this take on our solar system. “For example, Earth, for the middle of the spawn.”

“Then I wanted to make a wall of pixel-art galaxy or stars, to make you believe that the map is infinite/unlimited.” You can see how this would work from specific angles. If you were stood upon the Earth staring straight ahead, your view would be a wall of twinkling stars, giving the illusion that this universe stretches on forever.

“The hardest part,” explains The Perfection, “was finding out how to make a spawn ambience in space by making planets, asteroids or other things that one can find in space.” That hard work paid off, with the build instantly recognisable as our universe, but with enough fun twists to make it a true original.

The Perfection is a member of RossignolMC. You can find more of his ace builds on his Planet Minecraft page and follow him on Twitter here. I'm sure you'd agree that his work is truly out of this worlARRRGHHH

Unfortunately, Tom never got to finish this article, as we had to hurl him into the sun for trying to end it on such a tedious cliché. Thanks for reading!

Tom Stone
Tom Stone

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