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New emote features for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition!
Sophie Austin
Sophie Austin

New emote features for Bedrock Edition

Emoting just got easier!

This image shows four characters in Minecraft, and in the top left corner you can see their Emotes coming up as chat strings!  One character is asking everyone to Follow, another is Clapping, a third is Mining air, and the fourth Faceplants!
This Minecraft screenshot shows how the new Emote instructions will show up in your Bedrock Edition game! You can see your inventory bar at the bottom of the screen, your hand, and then in the top left side you can see the new Emoting instructions
This in-game screenshot shows the new Emote wheel, which has swapped from previously featuring six slots, to now featuring four slots.
This in-game screenshot shows why the new, four-slot system is helpful: it will give you the ability to use hotkeys in order to emote quickly, without pausing your game
This in-game screenshot from the Dressing Room screen shows how your owned emotes will now show up in a seperate box, so you can see which emotes you have access to more easily!
This in-game screenshot shows the updated user interface for selecting which emote should go into which slot.

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