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Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.4

Minecraft Java 1.16.4 Released

It's time for the 1.16.4 release! This release adds the new social interactions screen and fixes a few crashes.

If you missed it, we recently announced that Mojang accounts will be migrating into Microsoft accounts. This release prepares for that by having the game understand the settings and block-list of Microsoft accounts. You can read more about it over here, and you can find answers to questions you might have in the FAQ, which will be continuously updated.


Social Interactions Screen

A new screen available in Multiplayer which shows a list of all players on a server so you can hide chat from any player.

  • Opens with a configurable key binding, by default P
  • Which players are hidden resets when you disconnect from a server

Blocked Players

  • When logging in with a Microsoft account, players blocked in your account are now also blocked in the game, and account restrictions are now respected
  • Chat from blocked players is always hidden
  • Realms invites from blocked players are hidden

Fixed Bugs in 1.16.4

  • MC-192434 - Netherite leggings are textured weirdly
  • MC-199487 - WorldGen Deadlock
  • MC-201885 - Divide by zero error in the Ender Dragon entity class can cause a server crash and infinite velocity
  • MC-202147 - Cursor in Social Interactions & Recipe Book & Anvil menu doesn’t blink

Get the Release

​To install the release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and click play! Make sure your Launcher is set to the "Latest Release" option.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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Adrian Östergård
Adrian Östergård

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