Quaint cottage in a whimsical, magical garden with large multi-colored mushrooms and bountiful flowers with a cloudy sky in the background

Build Challenge: Autumn Fairy Garden

Shorter days, leaves falling from trees, and cooler weather indicate that autumn is all around us. Those gorgeous oranges, yellows, and reds mean that going for a stroll through a garden just might yield some magical sights! So magical you might even spot a fairy or two.

For this build challenge, participants were asked to build a fairy garden in autumn. The build needed to be of a decent size and participants were required to work alone.

So, which creations had us totally falling for them?

1st place: ChomChom

This beautiful submission from ChomChom is toad-ally awesome (Get it? Because toadstools!). With a quaint cobblestone walkway, a towering mini-field of corn, and an ivy-covered mushroom house, we love how adorable it all is.

2nd place: nej

Fluffy multicolored trees and a cozy cottage make this build by nej positively idyllic. How fast do you think we can pack our bags and stop by for a visit?

3rd place: destructor8407

In this build by destructor8407, we have not only a gourd-geous pumpkin house surrounded by red capped mushrooms, but a fairy herself! Shaded by a majestic tree covered in lush orange leaves, we can only imagine how peaceful our little fairy friend must feel.

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Lindsey S.
Lindsey S.