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It’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of year. But besides leaves changing colors and constant tea brewing, the season also means that school is officially back in session!  There are lots of things to look forward to: seeing your friends again, learning new things, and sweet, sweet stationary. Nothing beats a brand-new pen! As you can tell, we’re all very excited about this so we wanted to celebrate with lots of free educational content

One of the pieces of free educational content is Plants a map created by CubeCraft Games. In this map you will meet the Gardener, who not only invites you to join her in a beautiful garden but will also teach you how to grow your own plants and the science behind them! The map includes 14+ custom plants and trees, verbal dialogue, animations, lessons, challenges, and quizzes! You can grab the map for free from August 31 in Marketplace

All that’s left to do is to make sure you have your lunchbox and tie your shoes. I’ll see you over at Marketplace where you can grab Plants and lots of other free educational maps!

Sofia Dankis
Sofia Dankis

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