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The Minecraft Time Capsule

DAY 11: Help us preserve some memories until we’re 30!

“Why would you bury something just to dig it up again?” That’s a very odd question to ask me, a Minecrafter. My Survival world is littered with buried treasures I’ve left for myself, to dig up in case of emergency. If only I’d left myself some coordinates too... Thankfully, we won’t need a map to find our Minecraft time capsule because we’re going to display it – and you get a say in what we fill it with! 

The time capsule will become part of our existing installation at the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, WA and be unveiled this fall, but here’s a sneak peek at the design in the meantime: 

Once sealed, we’re only going to open the time capsule on Minecraft’s 30th anniversary. What will we find in it? Us Mojang peeps will know in advance, because we’re the ones putting it together. So let’s just hope we forget in the meantime! You, however, will only know part of what’s going to emerge from that chest. While some of it will be based on the community’s input, we’re also planning on sneaking in some top-secret items that we’ll only unveil in roughly 15 years! My fellow writers also informed me they plan on putting my keyboard in there because it’s “too loud.” That’s just some of the fun we like to have here! 

So if you want to be part of Minecraft’s future history, set the longest timer ever and keep an eye out on our various channels so you can have a say in what goes in the box!  

Today’s free Character Creator item 

Am I wearing the... Bee Boots? Yeah, I am. And you can too! Celebrate the mob that made the Overworld sweeter with these statement boots that’ll have the dirt blocks quaking buzzing beneath your feet. Claim this couture piece straight from the Dressing Room in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. 

We’ve officially entered the final third of our celebration! How will the rest of the party shape up? You know the drill by now, check to find out! 

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