Six Beast Builds You Might Have Missed

A collection of crazy creatures!

Dragons! Giraffes! Two identically-named-but-totally-different-I-promise deer! Yep, we’re once again showcasing several recent builds that have blown us away and given our eyes heart attacks (er, in a good way). This week - Beast Builds!

Now Tom and I have wildly different tastes when it comes to just about everything, whether it’s builds or the correct way to stir a cup of tea (anti-clockwise). But when it comes to these incredible creatures, we completely agree - they’re mad, brilliant and absolutely inspired.

Also: a little bit terrifying. Seriously, if you see one of these in real life, RUN, HIDE and WEEP.

Fantasy Dragon in a Mushroomland

by Jodiix

EMILY: This tall island, teetering precariously on its needle-like stem, covered with the beautiful-yet-dangerous streaming lava and magnificent-but-disgusting-to-eat mushrooms, immediately grabs my attention. I am totally enthralled by this tiny world!

As for its sole inhabitant, the clambering dragon, I suppose he must just really love mushrooms? That topmost one - big, fat and juicy - seems irresistible to him. Though why he isn’t just using those glassy pink wings to perch himself by the funky fungi is anyone’s guess.

Mechanical Giraffe

by schniouf

TOM: Every now and then a build comes along that’s so what???, so eh???, so magnificently bizarre that it makes me spit out my tea in shock (tea that I stir clockwise, Emily, because I’m not a monster). Speaking of monsters, logically I should be terrified of this mechanical monstrosity - but the sheer madness of making such a delightfully steampunk take on the giraffe can’t help but charm me.

In fact, this build has utterly ruined normal giraffes for me, which can’t but seem boring in comparison. Do real giraffes have windmills for tails? No. They don't. And that is why I now hate them.

Ice Dragon - Thirst For Freedom

by Roman_95

EMILY: This build was originally created for PlanetMinecraft’s snowglobe competition, which goes some way to explaining why our beautiful beast is hidden under a glass dome. That the ice dragon is in the process of breaking free gives it a unique sense of motion. This motion, in turn, makes the dragon seem more lifelike while still retaining the full glory of it’s fantastical icy design.

On the one hand, wow! Look at the force of this mighty dragon smashing through its glass prison! On the other hand; how on earth did it get stuck in a snowglobe to begin with? Silly dragon! Still, I like it. More magnificent creatures breaking free of garish tourist souvenirs please!

Magical Deer

by TheMrPinguin

TOM: Two builds in the same article with the same name? Looks like we're getting fired. Ah, but maybe not - because both HeavensGift’s lovely grey-and-gold beast (scroll down to read Emily’s words on that one) and this build by TheMrPinguin are well worth a look.

Clearly inspired by wonderful wolf game Okami (which itself was inspired by Japanese folklore), TheMrPinguin swaps a wolf out for a deer and creates a stark white creature that contrasts beautifully with the more colourful parts of his build. Does it miss the point of a list feature about ‘beasts’ if I say the lush green reeds are my favourite part? Well we’ve already messed it up with two identically titled builds so what the heck, I’m gonna gush about the reeds anyway! There are no rules! Anarchy reigns!


by Mikket

EMILY: Breaking the traditions of dragons and deers, Minecraft builder Mikket has summoned some birds of paradise to this tropical world. Whether attracted by the wealth of flora and fauna that climbs the rocks and covers the ground, or merely fascinated by the enormous, fractured rings, it’s unclear. We’re not sure this place would have quite the personality that it does without these giant parrot-like birds. I mean, look at them! They’re pretty squawksome.

Magical Deer

by HeavensGift

EMILY: Though they may share a name, HeavensGift’s Magical Deer is something of a leap from TheMrPinguin’s. Both are white deers, but this one settles for just two colours in the entire composition. This deer is all about flowing movement and a sense of magical tranquility. The fact that its very antlers are an extension of its floaty white-grey body give it an extra sense of elusiveness - like smoke twisting and rising into the sky only to quietly vanish.

What impresses me most about this build is that very fact: HeavensGift has turned what is essentially just a large, white animal build into something much more extravagant with just a few flecks of gold, contorted anatomy and a sprinkling of artistic flair.

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Good luck!

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