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Mobs and players storming out of the Realms Plus universe

Realms Plus has levelled up

The time for multiplayer adventures is NOW!

Playing Minecraft on a Realm with your pals has always been a blast, but it just got even better! On top of your own private multiplayer server for you and up to 10 friends to play with at once, three permanent world slots, and 150+ pieces of Marketplace Pass content, your Realms Plus subscription just got three major upgrades. Put your party hats on and let's dig into the details!

Share your news in Realms Stories

What is that famous saying again? Friends who lose their portal in the Nether together, stay down there together. Well, thanks to Realms Stories, coordinating a joint trip, or debriefing its success, has never been easier!

Realms Stories is a new social hub where you can share gameplay moments with your fellow Realm members. Use the in-game feed to post a screenshot from a recent expedition, ask for advice on how to tackle a build, or warn your crew about a rapidly spreading fire which you might or might not have started... Ehm, anyways!

In the new Members Tab, you can view and manage the members of your Realm plus see who’s online right now to help you extinguish that fire or maybe out a new DLC together. The Timeline Tab, on the other hand, gives you an overview of when your Realms members are usually online. Perfect for coordinating a big post-fire rebuild or takedown of an ocean monument!

Oh, and let’s not forget about Realm Events! Each time you hit a new adventuring milestone, like defeating the Ender Dragon, discovering a new biome, or riding a pig off a cliff, your success will pop up in your Realms Stories feed so you can get the praise you deserve.

In short, Realms Stories is the perfect place for planning, plotting, and throwing post-adventure parties on your server! Read more about all the Realms Stories features here or take it for a test spin across your devices today.

Increased render distance*

It feels like my Realm got its first pair of glasses because I can see so far! All servers now have eight extra chunks render distance, which means you can spot danger, opportunity, or an escape route from further away – 20 chunks to be exact! With the horizon all that more alluring, your Realms adventures will feel more immersive and as smooooth as a blocky boat on ice.

Monthly Character Creator items

I’m yet to win a battle purely based on my outfit, but there’s also no such thing as defeat when you already dazzleOn top of the content catalog of 150+ Marketplace Pass packs, your Realms Plus subscription now includes a new set of Character Creator items to claim and keep every month. Whether you want to match that ice cream fort of yours, intimidate the inhabitants of a new survival spawn, or blend in with your surroundings – your wardrobe collection is about to grow.

Dash on over to Realms Plus to create your own server and explore the new Marketplace Pass content added to Realms Plus for April for you and your friends to play. Oh, and new subscribers get a free 30-day trial! May your multiplayer escapades be filled with laughter, loot, and lots of surprises.


*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with access to Minecraft Marketplace (sold separately) and an active internet connection (ISP fees may apply). Multiplayer functionality requires platform specific online subscriptions (sold separately). Render distance varies by platform

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