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New on Java Realms: Busy Nights and Ultimate Fights

Seven games, races, battles, and more!

Ah, summer. The time of school breaks and work vacations. At least, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, and it’s not snowing wherever you are. In any case, we hope that you have plenty of time to do nothing but try out new Minecraft maps.

This week, we’re here to help you with that. Pick from a boat race, a turn-based dungeon crawler, or five other fantastic creations. If you see something you like, grab a friend and subject them to- er, help them through a number of very fun and not at all dangerous minigames. Have fun!

Sleepless Night

by Vertex Creations

Sleepless Night is a fresh and new Minecraft experience, and that’s why it’s front and center this week! In it, you must only survive the night, but you’ll need to tend to your campfire and consume food if you want to make it all the way through. Engage in traditional camp activities such as picking berries, gathering wood, slaying horrible night monsters, and casting spells so that you don't expire prematurely. Described by some as “a cozy minigame” and by others as “a harrowing outdoor experience”, you’ll probably want to enlist the help of one or more of your courageous friends. The game ends when you freeze, starve, or win. Try to win!

Corrupted Tag

by CHESKIS and Fabaki

Think of your two favorite games, then smash them together. FortCraft? The Elder Thieves? Stardew: the Gathering? No. This game gets back to childhood gaming roots: hot potato meets tag! Imagine a game of tag where the person who is “it” becomes more corrupt the longer they’re alive. While you’re corrupted, your corruption meter goes up, and when it becomes full, you’re out of the game. Different equipment kits will help you stay alive, so make sure to switch it up, try new strategies, or try playing in a different arena. Or just get used to being corrupt and live your best corrupt life. You do you!


by warco311, MaxLoewe, and christina_12

I’ve said for years that what we need is a good boat race map. Boating in survival Minecraft is great fun, but you’re mostly limited to the open ocean. Here, you can race boats in a course over water, ice, and land. Avoid course hazards, leap off of sick jumps, and row through the world of Minecraft. If you’d like to watch, try out the spectator mode, where viewers are moved from platform to platform so that they can get the best vantage point for the races.

Off the Grid

by PopularYouTube, MagicJer10, and MagicTin

Wish your Minecraft world was a little more mysterious? How about a lot more, as this world template drops you off in an old mining town, seemingly abandoned by its original inhabitants. The bank has been cleaned out, the stores don’t look like they’re opening up anytime soon… what could have happened here? That’s completely up to you! Role-play your favourite Last Man on Earth fantasies, and feel free to talk to the monsters if you want some company. Oh, did we not mention the monsters? Good luck!

UHC Ultimate

by Vertex Creations

For the ininitiated, UHC in Minecraft means ultra hardcore. You take the hardcore mode of Minecraft (one life), remove natural regeneration (that’s the ultra part!), and throw in a bunch of players with grievances to air into a multiplayer fight to the end. After a time, the world border will shrink, growing smaller and smaller until you’re forced to face each other directly. UHC is one of the preferred modes in high-level Minecraft gameplay, so hop in if you think you’re up to the challenge!

Rustic Huddle

by Terasal, Zerghunter666, and Jrxss

New to our awesome Inspiration category, it’s Rustic Huddle! Seek out builds on this floating island that are designed to delight and inspire you. See that house? You can build it! How about that statue, balloon, market stall, or home? Build them! I suppose you could also knock them down since you’re in creative mode, but is that as fun or rewarding as looking at the 30-ish structures and attempting to replicate them in your own world?

Emerald Chambers

by Dieuwt

What happens when you remove the mining and crafting from Minecraft, but add in a whole lot of other game elements? What if you instead played as a top-down, turn-based, rougelike dungeon-crawler? With Emerald Chambers, you’ll have the chance to play in just such a world. Filled with massive, procedurally-generated dungeons with secret levels and hidden loot, the game has plenty for you to explore. It also features a classic RPG system, the Evoker, Spirit, and Blaze classes, and deadly shrines that can give you both a curse and a boon. Switch classes, make all-new choices, and see which of the multiple endings you can obtain!

Transformative! Novel! Terrific!

Seven new maps this week, what fun! And as a fun bonus, Bombathon is back! With TNT as your constant companion, what could possibly go wrong?

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Happy Minecrafting!

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