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Minecraft Legends Dev Diary: Art and Visuals

Why the Overworld of Minecraft Legends looks and feels so special

Last month, the devs walked us through the soundscape of Minecraft Legends, giving us some deeply moving quotes. But it’s time to stop with the piglin impersonations and wipe away our tears of laughter, because this Dev Diary is all about Minecraft Legends’ art and visuals! While the question I submitted didn’t make the script (“How dare you create something so beautiful???”), the team talks about some interesting design decisions that gave Minecraft Legends’ Overworld its uniquely magical look. 

In this Dev Diary, Senior Artist Julia Bocharova, Lead Artist Lisha Leston and Lead Animator Addy Bhandari from Blackbird Interactive, and Telemachus Stavropoulos, Art Lead from Mojang Studios, are taking us on a journey through the Overworld of Minecraft Legends. Discover the small details that make this world feel truly alive, whether hand-painted or procedurally generated.

As a bonus, can you spot the adorable pup in the video? Check out the Dev Diary that has it all below:

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