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Kai is trying to block an ignited TNT Minecart falling on them from above.

Minecraft 1.20.3 Pre-Release 1

A Minecraft Java Pre-Release

We're bringing you the first Pre-Release of 1.20.3 with updates to server resource pack handling and bug fixes!

Technical Changes

  • The Data Pack version is now 26
  • The Resource Pack version is now 22
  • Changes to downloaded/world resource pack handling

World resource packs

Changes apply to world resource packs (, Realms resource packs and resource packs controlled by dedicated servers.


  • Download screen has been replaced with a toast
  • World resource pack application will start together with chunk loading

Local storage

Downloaded packs are now stored in downloads directory (with different file organization than old server-resource-packs)

  • Files in this directory are no longer automatically cleaned (previously only up 10 packs were kept)
  • Additionally, inside this directory there is also log file log.json that stores information about downloaded files for debug purposes

Server config

Downloaded packs now have unique id (GUID/UUID) that can be used to differentiate them

  • This value for dedicated server pack can be configured with resource-pack-id option in
  • If the value is missing, it will be generated based on URL
  • If hash of a pack is not set, this pack will be redownloaded before every application
    • Previously, if hash was missing, latest downloaded version of pack was applied


Some additional options are added for 3rd-party servers software:

  • Client can now accept multiple server resource packs
  • New packet was added to un-apply server resource packs
  • Resource packs are no longer cleaned when entering configuration phase

Data Pack Version 26

  • Renamed minecraft:grass block and item to minecraft:short_grass

Resource Pack Version 22

  • Renamed minecraft:grass block and item to minecraft:short_grass

Fixed bugs in 1.20.3 Pre-Release 1

  • MC-142160 - pausedTickDelta updated when the game is unpaused rather than paused
  • MC-164316 - Resource pack update by a hash doesn't work
  • MC-251126 - Server resource pack is not redownloaded when a hash mismatch is detected with the previously downloaded version
  • MC-265927 - Edit box length restrictions can result in unpaired surrogate characters
  • MC-265929 - Ctrl+Backspacing a word with non-BMP characters in an edit box deletes additional characters
  • MC-266456 - Breezes in minecarts or boats are passive
  • MC-266468 - Breeze cannot attack in deep water
  • MC-266472 - Charged creeper / wither armor is rendered incorrectly
  • MC-266507 - Number of block drops from TNT explosions is capped to 16
  • MC-266563 - End Crystals and TNT Minecarts that explode without a source entity deal no damage at all
  • MC-266571 - Breezes won't attack while under the effects of levitation status
  • MC-266656 - The interpolation of particle, entity and block entity transforms is disrupted when pausing the game in singleplayer
  • MC-266723 - Monsters Hunted advancement requires killing a Breeze even when they're disabled
  • MC-266724 - scoreboard players reset no longer works
  • MC-266729 - Unformatted objects in scoreboard error messages

Get the Pre-Release

Pre-Releases are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Pre-Release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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