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January maps on Realms Plus

Sink your teeth into the latest Marketplace content!

Ahh 2020, a brand new year, full of exciting challenges and possibilities! Not only is the start of a new year a time of frustrating commitments and impossible resolutions – it’s also the perfect opportunity to try new things in life. Things such as skydiving, cave exploring, pie baking, dirt house building, or even Realms Plus-ing. Never heard of Realms Plus? Let us be your guide.

Realms Plus is Minecraft’s monthly subscription service that lets up to ten players enjoy over 50 pieces of Minecraft Marketplace content on console, mobile, Windows 10 PC, or VR. The content includes some of the best the Marketplace has to offer, such as adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and more. Every month we add new content to the lineup, and as we’ve reached the first new month since launch, we’re happy to share January’s beaming bundle of maps.

Prison Escape - Roleplay (InPVP)

Roleplay to your heart’s content in a big prison, located on a lonely island in the middle of nowhere. Play one of the prisoners and plan your escape, or assume the role as the long arm of the law and do your best to stop the escapees!

Wonderland Rainbow (GoE-Craft)

Spark your imagination in a true wonderland! Role-play in rich castles, luxurious hotels, and... bubblegum forests? You bet! Ride hot air balloons, meet teeny tiny dwellers, or just enjoy life in GoE-Craft’s delightfully colourful city.

Grandma's Horror House (Pathway Studios)

Picture this: You've gone to visit your grandmother for Halloween, but something evil is lurking in her dark mansion. No, not Granny – something else! Sneak through the haunted halls to investigate the scene and find a way to escape Granny's house before this unknown monster finds you.

Rifted Chunks Challenge (Pathway Studios)

Are you the kind of competitive person who loves a good challenge? Then challenge your survival skills in 25 unique chunk-biomes in either singleplayer or multiplayer! Complete achievements, build bridges between the chunks, and do your best to survive the night! Who knows, maybe you can discover the secrets in each chunk.

Truffletop Town (Imagiverse)

Journey to a fantasy clifftop town that is best explored both from above or below. Soar through the air, over the marshes, under the bridges, or find a clearing to gaze up at the balloons flying high in the sky!

As someone who preferably spends his time online in the company of good friends rather than the near-death experience of skydiving, I’d say that this deal is far better than sliced bread. You hear that, Otto Frederick Rohwedder? I’m done with your sliced bread machine – I’m Realms Plus-ing now!

Curious to find out more? Learn all about Realms Plus at our new Realms Plus site.

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