Greenhouse by RespectTheKitty

Gorgeous Gardens And Honey Rainbows

Four of our favorite recent community builds!

It’s time to highlight just some of the latest community submissions that have caught our eye. We’ve been delighted by the enthusiasm of our creative community and appreciate the many submissions we’ve seen being submitted to

We are highlighting four builders today, each chosen for very different reasons.

Our first image from RespectTheKitty (it’s also the image at the top of this article!) presents us with an elegant greenhouse that not only organically blends into the surroundings, but still manages to make a dramatic entrance with the hanging lanterns and walkway. Fortunately, we don’t have to guess what grows in their garden, as they have also provided an interior view showcasing some of our favorite Minecraft florals.

No less dazzling and colorful is Luke Luna’s honey block vision. While the rainbow honey isn’t real, it does have us buzzing about the possibilities in our minds. The image itself presents a flowing, sweet vision that we couldn’t resist sharing with everyone. Plus, it’s just cool the way the blocks look like liquid.

Emerald Pines submitted this enchanting house with delightful attention to landscaping the terrain outside. The walkway lights are a pleasant touch and no doubt makes this dwelling just as stunning at night. We’d also hang out on that front porch anytime, it looks so relaxing! 

Finally, Ginga Ninja’s garden has a deliberate, planned quality to it that accents the surroundings, doesn’t block that dreamy water view, and has a level of polish that looks like a  professional gardener planned it. Kudos for such a fine build, Ginga Ninja. We look forward to seeing more of your builds soon!

Thank you so much for letting us peek into your worlds, RespectTheKitty, Luke Luna, Emerald Pines, and Ginga Ninja.

Are you ready to see your build become famous? We’re taking submissions for all your builds large and small.

Here are some helpful tips to help rise to the top and possibly see your build featured here:

●     Take a look at what we’ve featured so far and dare to dream up something different!

●     When sending in your images, remember larger images are better. If you send us images that are no smaller than 1280x720 pixels in size, we can see your entire build and make sure none of it gets left out when we feature it here.

●     Toggle off that UI so we can see your lovely build!

●     Feel free to include some helpful information, especially if you’ve incorporated some especially tricky building techniques that others may learn from! Or just tell us what inspired you.

Once you are ready, send those images to!

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